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The parents of a Georgia boy who was struck by a falling tree branch outside his day care five years ago say he has died.... [Read More]
Catch Junction Creek Band when they perform March 30, 2018 at New Direction Bar & Grill at 2630 Chamberlain Lane, Louisville, KY. They have more... [Read More]
Facebook has apologized for recent search suggestions that featured terms related to pornography, some of which included terms like "little girl." [Read More]
Elisabeth Milich says teachers' salaries are nearly unlivable and posted a photo of her pay stub on Facebook to prove it... [Read More]
Though most pets don't have the opposable thumbs needed to post of Facebook, social media can still benefit man's best friend. Animal shelters, humane... [Read More]
An unnamed employee said he was called into a meeting last year under the guise of a promotion and found himself in front of Facebook's... [Read More]
Every day, our new Shop TODAY Facebook page will release a deal of the day that's exclusive to TODAY readers. [Read More]
The Washington County Sheriff's Office is investigating a hit-and-run crash to a home in the Town of Jackson. Officials said in a Facebook post, the... [Read More]
An Ohio firefighter lost his job because he saw a racist Facebook post and was apparently unable to resist the urge to share it on... [Read More]
The company says its search predictions represent what people may be searching for, not what is necessarily on the site. [Read More]
Bad news for network television: 2017 seems to have been the first year where digital advertising significantly eroded the growth of traditional TV advertising. That... [Read More]
Much has been made of Gisele Bundchen's weariness and concern over husband Tom Brady's NFL career over the past year. So much so, in fact,... [Read More]
Colleen Decourcy, Pete Favat, Andrew Keller, Anselmo Ramos, Gerry Graf and other industry leaders choose Andy Award winners live on Facebook. [Read More]
A Facebook wag recently posted that "Now that Purim has passed, schools here in [community deleted] have begun teaching the kids about Pesach hotels." ... [Read More]
An anonymous Facebook employee has explained in a new interview with The Guardian what it's like to be under investigation by Facebook's internal investigations team.... [Read More]
A man and his young daughter were kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight Wednesday evening after the toddler became upset and threw a fit as... [Read More]
Billionaire George Soros is now officially a wanted man in Russia, a viral story would have you believe. "Putin issues international arrest warrant for Soros,"... [Read More]
Rusty Pelican chef Jim Pastor will prepare his pork belly waffle recipe on Facebook Live. [Read More]
More than 150 employers, including Facebook, are looking for workers in West Virginia. College students, graduates and area residents who are interested in... [Read More]
A controlled explosives disposal in the Quonset area of North Kingstown will set off detonations that could be heard in the area and beyond, the... [Read More]