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The Sydney Harbour ferry recently named Ferry McFerryface has bizarrely become a NSW election issue. [Read More]
A new Sydney Harbor ferry will be christened Ferry McFerryface... [Read More]
A new Sydney Harbor ferry will be christened Ferry McFerryface —... [Read More]
Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on [Read More]
The year 2016, and a public vote, brought us Boaty McBoatface, followed by Horsey McHorseface. Then, earlier this year, Trainy McTrainface pulled into the station.... [Read More]
The founder of Clean Up Australia says the NSW government switched tack on putting his name on a new ferry. [Read More]
A new ferry in Sydney, Australia will be called Ferry McFerryface, based on a survey asking locals to name the boat. [Read More]
"Given 'Boaty' was already taken by another vessel, we've gone with the next most popular name nominated by Sydneysiders," a New South Wales government minister... [Read More]
New South Wales state government officials overruled the most popular name for the ferry after the trendsetter was first snubbed last year as a name... [Read More]
The first choice was famously snubbed last year as a name for a British polar survey vessel... [Read More]
Australian authorities are christening one of the ferries crossing Sydney's world famous harbour Ferry McFerryface, but some union workers aren't amused. [Read More]
The name was chosen after a countrywide competition with more than 15,000 entries to name six new ferries. Sydney's most popular choice was actually Boaty McBoatface,... [Read More]
Australian voters wanted to name the ship "Boaty McBoatface," but officials decided against it since another vessel already had that name. [Read More]
A Sydney ferry is to be known as Ferry McFerryface after local officials gave over responsibility for naming it to the public."Boaty McBoatface" was in... [Read More]
"This one is for the kids," say Sydney officials, who hope the fun name "brings a smile to the faces of visitors and locals". [Read More]
The last ferry in a new Sydney Harbor fleet will be christened Ferry McFerryface - Sydney's second favorite choice after the now famous jokey Mc-moniker,... [Read More]
The Transport Minister is in hot water for this joke. [Read More]
The last ferry in a new Sydney Harbour fleet will be christened Ferry McFerryface - the Australian city's second favourite choice after the now famous... [Read More]
In the grand tradition of Britain's Boaty McBoatface, Australian authorities are christening... [Read More]