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Officeholders commit "a cardinal sin under the First Amendment" when they block their critics, the court held. [Read More]
City employees have sued Mayor Ben Zahn and other officials, arguing a 2012 charter change that voters approved violates their First Amendment right to free... [Read More]
Constitutionalizing sales of baked goods (and why not clothes and groceries as well?), at issue in a Supreme Court case over a wedding cake for... [Read More]
If Republicans favor court action against media and Democrats favor suppression of hate speech, is the First Amendment on the ropes? [Read More]
A bill passed by the N.C. General Assembly that aims to protect college free speech sits on Gov. Roy Cooper's desk. Advocates argue it will... [Read More]
Dear Editor:Re "LETTER: I'll take separation of church and state," by Eileen D. Minogue, July 20, 2017: I recently re... [Read More]
Congratulations to all of us who exercised their First Amendment rights at the Sedro-Woolley City Council meetings this past year regarding the library merger. [Read More]
Have a Vermont ID? Up until late May, your photo was regularly searched by face recognition software to see if you are — or look... [Read More]
There seems to be one thing a divided Congress can agree on: College campuses pose a dangerous threat to free speech. First Amendment advocates... [Read More]
most notably our current President - using social media to communicate directly to the world, the question is now being asked whether a lawmaker is... [Read More]
Adding to the national standard of college campuses having a vendetta against President Trump, a University of California, Irvine professor recently accused the president of... [Read More]
HOUSE OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE: In recent years, failures by college administrators and rising intolerance among college students have led to a number of disturbing and, at... [Read More]
On Saturday evening, Carolla records a live interview with The Daily Show's Roy Wood, Jr., followed by an audience meet and greet. [Read More]
"Liberals and others will often find fault with the court, as well as Trump. But thanks to the justices, they will have a wide berth... [Read More]
The Church of Scientology maintains the universe is 4 quadrillion years old and that most of mankind's problems are traceable to an imperialistic alien named... [Read More]
PURPOSE: To identify the harms of infringing on the right to free speech on college campuses.  To explore recommendations on how to encourage and protect... [Read More]
In a recent column, Editorial Page Editor Jon Alexander made a pretty good libertarian/First Amendment argument in support of a public accommodation being allowed to... [Read More]
The House rejected two amendments to a spending bill late Wednesday night that would have cut funds to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the non-partisan office in... [Read More]
Both the common-law right of access to court documents and the First Amendment preclude the sealing of the court documents. [Read More]
True, it's not the United States and there's no First Amendment, but still the United Kingdom is mostly a free society. And most violent acts... [Read More]