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First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon discusses Brexit negotiations, the possibility of a "no deal", the lack of clarity over a deal and Scottish independence... [Read More]
Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon urged U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May to ignore Brexit die-hards and strike a deal with the European Union, while reiterating... [Read More]
A paper prepared by civil servants for the First Minister is warning people would face a colossal 50% increase in the income tax rate to... [Read More]
Ex-First Minister and party colleague requested to stay members of Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe... [Read More]
The former deputy leader of the SNP, Jim Sillars, said that he hoped the First Minister would 'improve' but there is no one with the... [Read More]
Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed she could tear up a manifesto pledge to freeze income tax to try and get the SNP budget through parliament.The first... [Read More]
Former Scottish first minister Alex Salmond and SNP colleague Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh flew to Strasbourg to represent the Commons for a taxpayer-funded three-day jolly. [Read More]
She's became one of the most powerful women in the UK after the DUP teamed up with the Tories... [Read More]
THE WELSH First Minister Carwyn Jones has claimed that 'no deal' Brexit will cause "economic chaos" throughout Britain as it quits the European Union. [Read More]
Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau created its first gender-equal Cabinet. Now, he's facing a new problem: its first Minister pregnancy. [Read More]
Sky's Jon Craig says the First Minister gave a carefully crafted speech to appeal to her core base and broader Scottish voters. [Read More]
First minister focuses on domestic issues at three-day party conference in Glasgow... [Read More]
Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon called Tuesday for a diplomatic resolution to the Catalonia crisis and while backing Catalonians' "right to determine their own future."... [Read More]
Scotland plans to set up a publicly-owned energy company by May 2021, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said in a challenge to Britain's utilities, which already... [Read More]
The first minister will commit to funding an expansion of free childcare provision in Scotland by 2020. [Read More]
The Scottish First Minister delivered her annual address to the party faithful today, where she vowed to double spending on early years education and childcare... [Read More]
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon wraps up a conference of the Scottish National Party with a speech devoted to challenges facing Scotland. [Read More]
The First Minister will use her keynote speech at the SNP conference to set out "practical solutions" to the problems the nation faces... [Read More]
Nicola Sturgeon will try to rally SNP activists today as she closes what has been an uncharacteristically flat party conference. The first minister is expected... [Read More]
The Scottish First Minister will deliver her annual address to the party faithful this afternoon, where she will vow to double spending on early years... [Read More]