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Maryland State Police say a man accused of stabbing his female roommate has been arrested. A state police news release says 37-year-old Gary Flint Jr.... [Read More]
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Many associate him with Kentucky, but he was born in Flint, Mich., grew up in Pennsylvania and spent years in the Peace Corps in the... [Read More]
It has sat vacant for more than a decade, but a Mid Michigan water park and entertainment venue may once again, become a go to... [Read More]
We're learning more about the criminal court cases for two top state officials, plus the lawsuits on behalf of the Flint community will move forward. [Read More]
Dick Beauchamp is with the Red Cross. They are working with the families now displaced, to provide temporary housing, food and clothing. [Read More]
It was later learned by law enforcement that one of the people involved tossed a step ladder that struck a metal frame around the door... [Read More]
Family of a woman seriously injured in a shooting Monday morning said she could be paralyzed. Several gunshots sprayed into their home early Monday morning. [Read More]
Each year in March and April, large areas of the Kansas Flint Hills are burned as part of the state's rangeland management plan. While these... [Read More]
The new Graham Fitness Center was built in converted space at Flint and Day Halls. [Read More]
"He (Edwards) has been wanting to participate and add what he knows, which is a lot," said Britt Cobb, an attorney for Lyon, who is... [Read More]
The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday gave the green light to two class-action lawsuits filed by residents of Flint, Michigan who are pursing civil rights... [Read More]
The Supreme Court is leaving in place a ruling that revived two federal lawsuits stemming from the lead-tainted water crisis in Flint, Michigan. [Read More]
Recapping recent media coverage of UM-Flint programs, events, alumni, and faculty experts. [Read More]
It happened around 5 a.m. in the 3100 block of Woodrow Avenue in Flint. [Read More]
We bring you a list of the best food and drink events happening in Houston this week. [Read More]
Last year, St. Bernadette Church in the Flint had 44 funerals, 13 baptisms and no weddings. The church is built for 700 people, but only... [Read More]
Lawyers for state health officials call Flint water expert Mark Edwards as a witness in involuntary manslaughter cases... [Read More]
Last year, St. Bernadette Church in the Flint had 44 funerals, 13 baptisms and no weddings. [Read More]
This week, public transit officials from Michigan and across the country will be in Washington D.C. to lobby for more public transportation funding. There is... [Read More]