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Thunderstorms with heavy rain and gusting winds caused flooding, power outages, and downed trees across central Connecticut on Wednesday night, although power was expected to... [Read More]
Flash flooding in Sudan has killed at least 50 people and forced thousands to flee their homes. Al Jazeera's Hiba Morgan reports on how many... [Read More]
Thursday morning brought lots of lightning, heavy rain and even a report of a waterspout. [Read More]
A town meeting to vote on $20,000 in funding for a hydrology study has been set for Sept. 3 at Town Hall.Officials have said the... [Read More]
Pictured is the devastation this past weekend, when high surfs caused huge waves to make their way on to Aunu'u Island, flooding homes and raising... [Read More]
The city's first rain garden has been installed at Pagels Elementary School, according to the city. The 270-square-foot garden near the school bus... [Read More]
West Monroe Mayor Staci Mitchell spoke with NBC 10's Bode Brooks about upcoming developments funded by grants happening downtown, at the Ike, and for flooding... [Read More]
Morning Drive: 72. Rain should taper off through the morning. Although some rain may persist over flooded areas, no additional flooding is anticipated. Wind: NW... [Read More]
Fayetteville Fire Department is on the scene of a water leak that is flooding a business. Firefighters say about two to three inches of water... [Read More]
Fayetteville firefighters were on the scene of a massive water leak on South Armstrong Avenue in south Fayetteville that was reportedly flooding businesses in the... [Read More]
A tropical wave will promote higher rain chances this weekend. Locally heavy rain may lead to street flooding. [Read More]
The Museum Fire and post-fire flood mitigation is currently estimated at more than $12 million in combined costs, based on available data from multiple different... [Read More]
A series of downpours rolled through southern and eastern Berks County on Wednesday afternoon, causing minor flooding and knocking down limbs from Flying Hills south... [Read More]
Tropical Storm Ivo is expected to become the eastern Pacific Ocean's next hurricane as it parallels the western coast of Mexico. [Read More]
Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard's Dry Dock 1, which began operation in 1919 with its flooding, was given a Hawaiian blessing during a Wednesday ceremony and... [Read More]
ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO – Flash flooding causing water rescues and major problems for drivers. Video shows water covering 141 at Interstate 44 in Valley... [Read More]
Today's weather window is from Gwenyth in Mabel-Canton. Gwenyth illustrated flooding outside her... [Read More]
The Air Force is sending RC-135 crew members to the United Kingdom and Texas to train after the massive flood at Offutt. [Read More]
A chance of strong to severe storms in the area Thursday.A cold front is moving through the area from west to east Thursday afternoon and... [Read More]
A large area of the country will see strong storms continuing today with possible flash flooding in areas all the way from Oklahoma to Maine. [Read More]