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Some tearful residents of Mexico Beach are coming home to find no home left in the florida Panhandle community that was nearly wiped out by... [Read More]
Search-and-rescue teams fanned out across the Florida Panhandle to reach trapped people in Michael's wake Thursday as daylight yielded scenes of rows upon rows of... [Read More]
A week after Hurricane Michael mangled the Florida Panhandle, the work to pick up the pieces seems as daunting as ever. It will likely take... [Read More]
Destruction caused by Hurricane Michael on the Florida town of Mexico Beach can be seen in dramatic drone footage shot on October 12. Hurricane Michael... [Read More]
Crews from the Miami Beach Police Department left their headquarters on Sunday and made their way up to the Florida Panhandle. [Read More]
Just over a week has passed since Hurricane Michael tore through the Florida panhandle, but for many, the recovery process will be lengthy. [Read More]
Animal rescue groups are on the ground in the devastated Florida Panhandle, trying to help pet rescue organizations impacted by Hurricane Michael. [Read More]
In just 24 hours, Sergeant Jeff Rearden collected hundreds of dollars worth of supplies before heading out on a four-day journey to the Florida Panhandle. [Read More]
Hurricane Michael evidently was a disaster for Florida Panhandle beaches. [Read More]
More than a week after Hurricane Michael slammed into the Florida Panhandle, residents were returning to their homes to try to piece together lives from... [Read More]
Two days after Katherine Shimonis returned to her home in the Florida Panhandle to find it destroyed by Hurricane Michael, she went to her local... [Read More]
After Hurricane Michael made landfall in the Florida Panhandle, devastating the area, we asked out viewers to help—and they did not disappoint. [Read More]
After a hurricane blasts an area the way Hurricane Michael did the Florida Panhandle, signs of normalcy can engender warm feelings usually associated with teddy... [Read More]
Early voting begins on Monday in Florida and the election is happening as the Florida Panhandle is trying to recover from Hurricane Michael. Voters may... [Read More]
A line of Publix trucks bringing supplies to the Hurricane Michael-ravaged Florida Panhandle was a welcome sight for some passersby. [Read More]
Their home full of soggy furniture and mosquitoes, Wilmer Capps was desperate to find shelter for his wife and their son Luke, born just three... [Read More]
The Mega Millions jackpot is getting closer to $1 billion. ... [Read More]
State emergency management officials said some 124,500 customers across the Florida Panhandle were still without power Wednesday morning and 1,157 remained in shelters. [Read More]
An animal preserve is offering an $800 reward for the return of a wolf named Tahané that escaped as Hurricane Michael ripped through the Florida... [Read More]
An animal preserve is offering an $800 reward for the return of a wolf named Tahané that escaped as Hurricane Michael ripped through the Florida... [Read More]