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Healthy habits, smart eating, and exercise decisions for kids? There is an app for it. Weight Watcher's new app for kids, Kurbo, monitors diet and... [Read More]
The city of Birmingham is getting a new farmer's market that officials hope will provide better access to healthy foods for undeserved communities. [Read More]
Whole Foods Market, which signed for 60,000 square feet. The new gourmet emporium will have 10,000 square feet at street level plus 50,000 square feet... [Read More]
Monsoon brings with it a lot of diseases and issues that children may face because of the hygiene problem during the season. To keep kids... [Read More]
Consuming contaminated food and drinks, plus unsanitary food handling, can transmit illnesses including traveler's diarrhea, hepatitis A, typhoid fever, polio, cholera and parasites. Rule of... [Read More]
On Monday, Austin ISD leaders got to try out the foods students will be eating this school year. [Read More]
Tyson Foods is looking to change the way beef is inspected at its Holcomb, Kan., beef plant, wanting company personnel to take over identifying and... [Read More]
The Drexel Fair wrapped up Saturday night after six days of music, festival rides and foods and games. The annual fair also includes agricultural entries... [Read More]
It's never too early to start thinking about your Halloween menu. There are many scary things that one could conceivably put into one's mouth. Naturally,... [Read More]
Caito Foods LLC is ceasing operation of Indianapolis-based Fresh Kitchen and laying off 53 workers.        ... [Read More]
AISD's 2019 lunch menus will feature several global food options to introduce students to new foods and provide learning opportunities about different cultures. [Read More]
Weight Watchers is facing backlash after launching a new app, called Kurbo, for kids to keep track of what they eat. "Every kid is different,... [Read More]
Mac and cheese is one of those foods that almost everybody loves. It's the epitome of comfort food (alongside noodle soups, chicken casseroles, and pasta... [Read More]
Maria Domingo-Garcia left for work 12 days ago, and she hasn't been home. The mother of three has been separated from her 4-month-old daughter —... [Read More]
If you're feeding your child many gluten-heavy foods like pastas and breads, they may be more likely to develop celiac disease, a new study says. [Read More]
Family Feast Night presented by US Foods Military Appreciation Night... [Read More]