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the mathematical equation 3.14 is celebrated every March 14th - Mines celebrated with a pie fundraiser. [Read More]
Instead of offering discounted pizza on Pi Day, a pizza shop in Federal Hill offered pop-up weddings. &pizza was able to make a couple's day... [Read More]
Sports joined forces with academia to celebrate Pi Day this week -- athletes and nerds coming together in homage to the mysterious "3.14." Pi Day... [Read More]
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Pi was on the mind of four Bartley Elementary students Tuesday. [Read More]
It looked too good to be true and it was. [Read More]
Pi Day is celebrated on March 14 each year to commemorate the irrational number of 3.141592653. [Read More]
It was often on her grandmother's dessert table around the holiday. [Read More]
Just in time for Pi Day, owners of Brooklyn bar and bakery, Butter & Scotch, share their expert pie dough advice. [Read More]
It's Pi Day, an annual celebration for math lovers. March 14 can be designated numerically as 3/14 or 3-14. But today, we're using yet... [Read More]
I would like to think that it is general knowledge that Pi (Greek letter "π") is a mathematical symbol when not being used in the... [Read More]
See 10 treats, including pie perfect for Pi Day, that you can bake while it blizzards. [Read More]
What better way to celebrate Pi Day on March 14 than with pie -- blueberry, berry-cherry or pecan-bourbon. Here's some culinary inspiration. [Read More]
There are some tasty deals taking place March 14 for Pi Day including a number of pizzas and pies for only $3.14! [Read More]
Roundup of Chicago restaurants and bakeries offering specials for Pi Day or Pie Day. [Read More]
Are you ready for Pi Day? Washington County memory expert Brad Zupp sure is. The Greenwich resident will attempt to set a world record on... [Read More]
First off, a reflection on this "holiday" construct. Pi itself is very important, writes mathematics professor Daniel Ullman of George Washington University, but celebrating... [Read More]
This week, we got to play in cardboard boxes, watch a maker reference on The Simpsons, prepare for Pi Day, and more. [Read More]
A list of places around Los Angeles that sell pies in honor of Pi Day. [Read More]