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Now, Jeremiah got his forever home with the Coletti's from New Jersey. [Read More]
The idea of counting calories in/calories out as a tool for weight loss has been around forever. The general rule states 0.5kg of fat is... [Read More]
iPhone growth is slowing, and Apple won't be able to rely on the device forever. So, what's next for the tech giant? Gene Munster, former... [Read More]
Police say he tried to videotape women in the dressing rooms at Forever 21. [Read More]
Liam Gallagher performed at Malahide Castle in Dublin this past Friday (June 15). The hard news, such as it was, involved the setlist: In addition to Oasis... [Read More]
If you're lucky, you receive a few words of wisdom that inspire you forever. That's called hitting the jackpot. [Read More]
When the first game of football in Russia took place on a muddy St. Petersburg hippodrome in 1893, few thought of it as the 'beautiful... [Read More]
Warning: There are spoilers ahead for "Incredibles 2." "Incredibles 2" introduces fans to Screenslaver, a villain who wants to make sure superheroes like the... [Read More]
Pheasants Forever has kicked off a summer full of women-centric events to expose female landowners to conservation ideas and professionals. A June 5 event... [Read More]
A new "copyright directive" could change the internet forever by making it illegal to share memes online. [Read More]
Three years ago, Bryan Adams was crisscrossing the globe for the Reckless 30th Anniversary Tour, supporting the chart-topping album that made him a star at... [Read More]
Remember Doom? Remember Magic Eye puzzles that required you to unfocus your eyes and see forever in a field of stereographic static? Now you can... [Read More]
April 17, 2018 is a day that will forever be seared into my memories.That day had a high wind advisory with high fire warning for... [Read More]
Forever and ever, companies, organizations and individuals have searched for and spent vast sums of time and money pursuing the "Silver Bullet", to no avail! [Read More]
A dog that was shot twice and left for dead in a rugged area of northeast Oregon has been given a new home. KATU-TV reports... [Read More]
After noticing more and more people sign up for yoga in the late 1990s, Chip Wilson bet everything on an athletic apparel company aimed toward... [Read More]
I'm not saying that 9/11 was anything but a sick, evil disaster. Nor am I placing blame for it on any person or group; I'm... [Read More]
Meet Arial, a 9-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier, who is currently sheltered at Rainbow Animal Rescue. [Read More]
Arial from the Rainbow Animal Rescue is looking for a forever home. [Read More]