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The Turkish government is expanding its witch hunt of suspected allies of cleric Fethullah Gulen by opening an investigation into 17 U.S.-based individuals, including New... [Read More]
Those named include the former CIA director John Brennan and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer... [Read More]
A few weeks back, former CIA Director James Woolsey and EMP Commission Chairman Dr. Vincent Pry from the Task Force on National and Homeland Security,... [Read More]
She's run major corporations, helped change the way people shop online and has even run for governor of California. Whitman, who is appearing as... [Read More]
Former CIA director Michael Hayden says Democrats and others are wrong to describe Russia's hacking campaign to influence the presidential election as an "act of... [Read More]
Former CIA director tells "CBS This Morning" that Russia can still be convinced to abandon the Assad regime... [Read More]
Former CIA director and defense secretary Leon Panetta told "CBS This Morning" on Tuesday that he doesn't believe that Bashar al-Assad has won Syria's civil... [Read More]
Americans are split as to whether or not the airstrike was in the best interest of the country. [Read More]
Former CIA director gives his take... [Read More]
Former CIA Director David Petraeus said Sunday it would be "premature" to oust Syrian President Bashar Assad right away without knowing what dominoes will fall... [Read More]
Popular Mechanics downplayed the potential devastation of a North Korean electromagnetic pulse attack calling one former CIA director's take "not realistic." Ambassador R. James Woolsey... [Read More]
Former CIA director John Brennan told top lawmakers that Trump advisers might be working with Russia. [Read More]
Former CIA Director John Brennan and culinary innovator José Andrés spoke today at the inaugural Executive Marketers Leadership Summit p... [Read More]
Former CIA Director John Brennan briefed several top lawmakers on the situation in late August, according to a new article from The New York Times. [Read More]
Masters Week draws a huge crowd of sports figures and celebrities in addition to fans. Snoop Dogg performed Wednesday night a concert... [Read More]
James Woolsey has lost his damn mind. Or maybe just didn't have it to begin with? [Read More]
Former CIA director John Brennan has criticized President Donald Trump's proposed executive travel ban order. [Read More]
John Brennan also said he thought the ban would be counterproductive... [Read More]
NORTH Korea's increasing nuclear capabilities pose a "very serious challenge" and the US and China must work together to combat the threat, former CIA director... [Read More]
Former Trump aide Manafort offers to talk to committee in Russian Federation probe ... [Read More]