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Hollywood star turned activist Arnold Schwarzenegger joined politicians and legal experts in Paris Saturday to launch a campaign for a global pact to protect the... [Read More]
"The misery in that unhappy strip of land is difficult to describe and more difficult to endure." [Read More]
The falsely-attributed quote may have been written by a former UN official with a similar name. [Read More]
Former UN Official Kang Kyung-wha was appointed South Korean foreign minister in an official ceremony on Sunday, becoming a first woman in this post in... [Read More]
A former UN secretary general and nine former African leaders have cautioned about consequences of Democratic Republic of Congo President Joseph Kabila's grip on power. [Read More]
Moon said Trump should stand "on the right side of history" and reverse the decision to pull out of the Paris climate change accord. [Read More]
Former U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says Donald Trump should stand "on the right side of history" by reconsidering the decision to pull his country out... [Read More]
US President Donald Trump is "standing on the wrong side of history" after pulling out from the Paris climate accord, former UN secretary general Ban... [Read More]
The European Union will be stronger without having "half-hearted" member Britain, according to a former UN ambassador. [Read More]
Former UN special rapporteur on human rights in Palestine, Makarim Wibisono (right), director of the School of Strategic and Global Studies Muhammad Lutfi (left) and... [Read More]
Screenshot via Twitter Reality Winner, the 25-year-old Air Force veteran and federal contractor being charged with espionage for allegedly leaking a top-secret NSA document to... [Read More]
Speaking on sidelines of three-day World Sustainable Built Environment Conference in Hong Kong, Christiana Figueres insisted the global shift towards reducing carbon emissions would not... [Read More]
Former UN Ambassador Susan Rice Says Vladimir Putin Is Lying Former U.S. national security adviser Susan Rice on Sunday accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of... [Read More]
The comment comes just days before former FBI Director James Comey is supposed to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee. [Read More]
Read CNN's Fast Facts and learn more about the life of Ban Ki-moon, former UN Secretary-General. [Read More]
Trump considers John Pistole and Chris Wray replace ex-FBI chief, Comey ... [Read More]
Dean of University of Maryland School of Public Policy and former UN Assistant Secretary-General Robert Orr on whether President Trump can negotiate an alternative to... [Read More]
The President has withdrawn the US from the global climate deal... [Read More]