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South Korea's Justice Ministry is coordinating with the US government on a request to arrest the brother of former UN chief Ban Ki Moon, Yonhap news agency reported on Saturday (Jan 21) quoting... [Read More]
Ban Ki-sang and his son allegedly conspired to transfer bribes in a multi-million-dollar international real estate deal. [Read More]
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Despite almost half a century of diplomatic experience former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon does not understand the THAAD anti-missile system-related problem which is why he has no right to be the South Korean... [Read More]
The nephew of former United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, arrested for an alleged bribery and money laundering scheme, worked as a broker at a real estate firm that is also the U.N.'s... [Read More]
France is considering a UN Security Council draft resolution that would set up a sanctions regime for Mali to target opponents of a peace deal signed 19 months ago, the ambassador said Tuesday.The... [Read More]
The president-elect rang former UN Ambassador Andrew Young who, after talking about John Lewis handed the phone off to Nashville's mayor. [Read More]
Former United Nations chief and presumptive South Korean presidential candidate Ban Ki-moon has backed the deployment later this year of a U.S. anti-missile system to the country amid North Korea's progress in its... [Read More]
The US government has asked South Korea to arrest a brother of former UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon on charges that he engaged in a bribery scheme to carry out the sale of... [Read More]
Leslie Isakoff has traveled to different countries making sure people have enough to eat. She learned how to fly planes at just 12 years old with the desire to deliver food to people... [Read More]
Former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon filed a complaint at Korean press arbitration center against a Seoul-based magazine that had accused him of having received bribes, South Korean media reported Wednesday. [Read More]
Former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has said he supports proposed changes to South Korea's parliamentary election system that would make it more open to smaller parties, an indication that he may intend to... [Read More]
Former US ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton said the recent UN Security Council resolution on Israel was "intended to box Donald Trump in." [Read More]
Antonio Guterres has taken charge of the United Nations with a New Year's appeal to put peace first. The former UN refugee chief has vowed to make necessary changes to restore faith in... [Read More]
The United States should use its financial clout against the United Nations and member countries that supported the vindictive resolution condemning Israel's settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, former... [Read More]
Former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon welcomed the Security Council's resolution on Syria, the United Nations website reported. [Read More]
The former UN ambassador called the reported Russia hack "an attack on our constitutional system." [Read More]
In his final press conference on Friday, President Obama hammered down on Russia calling it "smaller" and "weaker," but is he undermining Russia's power? Former UN Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul weighs in... [Read More]
Breitbart News Daily host Alex Marlow spoke with former UN Ambassador John Bolton about the situation in Aleppo, Syria. [Read More]