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From electric cars to space travel to brain-computer interface technology, I am constantly expanding my portfolio to include big, forward-thinking ideas that I believe... [Read More]
Smart city projects in Philadelphia include 5G, drone deployments, IoT, and public computing centers, said Ellen Hwang, the city's program manager for innovation management. [Read More]
A trim 192-foot-tall spire tops the sloping roof of the six-sided building. The central altar is crowned by an oculus in the cast- concrete... [Read More]
The North Christian Church was Eero Saarinen's last building; he passed away unexpectedly before it was finished. [Read More]
From 1964 to 1965, Alexander Girard designed the interiors of the Cummins Corporate Office. [Read More]
Too often in this country the young and vital must lead the old and blind as fresh ideals and forward-thinking push at stubbornly held, outdated... [Read More]
Forward-thinking business decisions helped Givenchy, who died at age 91, grow a vast personal fortune. [Read More]
Sidi Touré, Toubalbero | ★★★ 1/2 BKO, Mali Foli Coura | ★★★ 1/2 Tal National, Tantabara | ★★★★ Imarhan, Temet | ★★★ With American rock bands looking to... [Read More]
How many firearms exist in the United States? How confident are we that these weapons are in capable hands? What happens when a gun owner... [Read More]