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Frontier Airlines is running a sale with one-way flights for as little as $20. Here's how to get in one the sale. [Read More]
The newest airline carrier here in the metro area will offer flights to Denver and Orlando. [Read More]
Frontier Airlines begins flying to Mississippi's largest airport on Saturday. [Read More]
Frontier Airlines extends services... [Read More]
Frontier Airlines begins flying to Mississippi's largest airport on Saturday. [Read More]
Mad, Mad World News: The airline said police were called when the passenger refused to leave the plane. Other passengers had already boarded Frontier Airlines... [Read More]
Good afternoon. Today is Thursday, October 11, and this is your CL NOW! newsletter. Here are some of the day's top stories at      ... [Read More]
Cindy Torok, the woman who was escorted off a Frontier Airlines flight with her emotional support squirrel, says she is seeking an attorney.        ... [Read More]
The Jackson airport's newest airline carrier will now offer flights to Denver and Orlando. Here's what you need to know.        ... [Read More]
An elderly passenger was kicked off a Frontier Airlines flight in the U.S after she tried boarding with a squirrel, which she claimed was a... [Read More]
CLEVELAND, Oh. — Have you ever heard of an emotional support animal being a squirrel? A passenger boarding a Frontier Airlines flight in Orlando headed to... [Read More]
Frontier Airlines does not allow rodents, including squirrels on its flights and will soon only allow dogs and cats as emotional support animals. [Read More]
A passenger told Frontier Airlines she was bringing an emotional support animal on her flight to Orlando - but didn't mention it was a squirrel. [Read More]
A woman brought an emotional support squirrel in a cage onto a flight at Orlando International Airport on Oct. 9. The woman indicated to Frontier... [Read More]
A woman was ejected from a flight from Orlando, Florida, to Cleveland, Ohio, after Frontier Airlines discovered that the emotional-support animal she had noted in... [Read More]
A Lake County woman held up a Frontier Airlines flight from Orlando to Cleveland on Tuesday evening after repeatedly refusing to get off the plane... [Read More]
Police had to remove a woman who brought an "emotional support squirrel" on a Frontier Airlines flight headed from Orlando to Cleveland. [Read More]
Sports columnist Rob Oller is joined by Dispatch copy editor Pat Holbrook to talk Ohio State football, and how the Cleveland Browns have started off... [Read More]
A woman was removed from a Frontier Airlines flight Tuesday after bringing aboard what she says was her "emotional support" squirrel. The airline said in... [Read More]
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