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WASHINGTON (AP) — Former first lady Laura Bush says the policy of separating immigrant parents and children along the nation's southern border is "cruel," "immoral" and... [Read More]
The Bonneville County GOP are pleased to offer the opportunity for a college scholarship for our students to contemplate the greater meaning of our Independence... [Read More]
This is a tough world and it helps to have friends when you need them. Just like on the school yard, if you are facing... [Read More]
It has been rewarding to help advance conservative, pro-growth policies, and I look forward to building on this momentum moving forward for Idaho families, writes... [Read More]
As Father's Day approaches this year, I find myself looking back at my place in my family and how we have grown in so many... [Read More]
Re: the June 15 guest column "Long-term solutions are needed to keep Colorado River water flowing." [Read More]
Suddenly, emails are pouring in! On April 3, 2017, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) established an internet hotline to inspire individuals to report H-1B... [Read More]
Prince's archives are the stuff of legend, but what about Mitch Hedberg's? We'll soon find out, as in a guest column in today's The Hollywood... [Read More]
When I started writing TV in 2002, I was mentored by a good man and later hired by a great woman, neither of whom viewed... [Read More]
Lynn Shawcroft, the widow of beloved stand-up comedian Mitch Hedberg, wrote a guest column for The Hollywood Reporter today titled "The Late Comic Isn't Done... [Read More]
The Fred H. Sexton American Legion Post 1 was established in 1919 as the first post in South Carolina. The post is named for a... [Read More]
Irony Alert: Writer at taxpayer subsidized Maclean's says "Canada is NOT a country" [Read More]
Get engaged in the real work of love... [Read More]
In January, I introduced House Bill 1965, the #MeToo Pa. House Act to address the ongoing scourge of sexual harassment and assault in state government.... [Read More]
We are in the crucial final days of an effort to give voters the opportunity to clean house when it comes to dirty political spending.... [Read More]
When I was a 19-year-old college sophomore in 1982, my father gave me advice that makes even more sense for 19-year-olds today. [Read More]
This guest column is by Ellie Mallory. Her husband, former Indiana University football coach Bill Mallory, died on May 25 at the age of 82.... [Read More]
We at the SPCA of Brazoria are deeply appreciative of the goodwill and support we have received in the past from you — we are... [Read More]
A Newsweek article of Sept. 21, 1998, page 12, mentions the high possibility of Earth life on Mars. "We think there's about seven million tons... [Read More]