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The constitutional court in Gabon does not expect President Ali Bongo to be back at work any day soon. South Africa's former home affairs minister... [Read More]
Au Gabon, premier conseil des ministres ce vendredi sans Ali Bongo Ondimba toujours hospitalisé en Arabie saoudite. Ce conseil qui sera présidé par le... [Read More]
Gabon's top court has ruled that the vice president will chair the cabinet in the absence of President Ali Bongo, who remains in hospital in... [Read More]
Trois semaines après l'hospitalisation du président Ali Bongo en Arabie saoudite, le Premier ministre gabonais a saisi la Cour constitutionnelle pour... [Read More]
La présidente du Sénat va assurer l'intérim du président de la république du Gabon. [Read More]
The Arsenal forward has clashed with the Federation of Gabonese Football (Fegafoot) in the past... [Read More]
Arsenal star Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has released an angry statement after pulling out of Gabon's squad with an injury. Aubameyang was expected to captain Gabon against... [Read More]
The African oil sector is starting to bubble again, with billion-euro deals signed in Nigeria and Angola. What's wrong with Gabon's sick president, Ali Bongo?... [Read More]
PIERRE-EMERICK AUBAMEYNAG is at loggerheads with the Gabon FA, accusing them of hanging him out to dry. The Arsenal striker had been expected to captain... [Read More]
The health of Gabon's President Ali Ben Bongo has greatly improved and he is recovering his physical abilities, his office said on Sunday, after sources... [Read More]
A government spokesperson says president Ali Bongo is a "in a phase of recovering all his functions" after receiving treatment for spells of vertigo. [Read More]
Hari ibihuha vyinshi bivugwa ku magara ya prezida Ali Bongo asanzwe ariko aravurirwa mu bitaro mu gihugu ca Arabia Saudite... [Read More]
Umukuru w'igihugu ca Gabon Ali Bongo arongoye umuryango wo guhanahana ibidandazwa w'ibihugu vya afrika yo hagati "Communauté Economique des États de l'Afrique Centrale" (CEEAC) yagendeye... [Read More]
Dans une vidéo, diffusée dimanche, Iko Ngouoni, porte-parole de la présidence de la république du Gabon, affirme que ''les informations sur la santé du chef... [Read More]
James Mwenda tended to world's last male northern white rhino. Of China easing its ban on rhino horn trade, he says, 'It's sad to see... [Read More]
Gabonese President Ali Bongo Ondimba is recovering from an undisclosed illness in Saudi Arabia and still performing his duties, according to a statement released on... [Read More]
Au Gabon, la présidence a publié un nouveau communiqué sur l'état de santé du président gabonais. Ali Bongo a été admis dans un hôpital, en... [Read More]
Rumours have swirled over the health of President Ali Bongo, who is in hospital in Saudi Arabia. [Read More]
L'opposant gabonais est sorti samedi de plusieurs mois de silence pour appeler au "rassemblement" alors que le chef de l'Etat est hospitalisé à Ryad. [Read More]