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Although all the focus on Samsung's new display technology has been around the presumptively named Galaxy X and its folding display, a recently filed patent... [Read More]
For years, we've continuously heard that "Apple is doomed," especially after new products are unveiled. Those products then sell like hot cakes, and somehow Apple... [Read More]
A YouTube channel called 'Science and Knowledge' has just released a new smartphone concept video, this time they envisioned the design of the Samsung Gala... [Read More]
It's time for Samsung to deliver. [Read More]
Spencer Vanderweele from Granite City, Ill. Digital Doc shares some holiday gift ideas. Digital Doc offers used discounted electrics for buyers this holiday season. Some... [Read More]
We've known for a while now that Samsung is looking to beat rivals to market with a smartphone sporting a foldable display. ZTE already has... [Read More]
Samsung's first foldable smartphone that's rumored to be called the Galaxy X will likely use a plastic display panel, BusinessKorea reported Friday, citing... [Read More]
Samsung is likely to unveil a folding 'Galaxy X' and the flagship Galaxy S9 at CES 2018 in January. [Read More]
The Galaxy X is Samsung's first bendable smartphone, a device that's so complicated it might see a limited launch before Samsung is able to manufacture... [Read More]
A support page for the bendy smartphone believed to be called Galaxy X has appeared on Samsung's Korean website... [Read More]
We may not have to wait much longer to see Samsung's long-rumored bendable smartphone. The Korean tech giant plans to unveil the phone, which... [Read More]
Samsung's dream is to beat Apple's iPhone, and that's why the Galaxy S8's development codename was "dream." However, no Galaxy S or Galaxy Note device... [Read More]
Samsung has been showcasing bendable display technology for a few years now and a folding smartphone might finally become a reality. The Galaxy X may... [Read More]
Could be unveiled before the new year... [Read More]
This article talks about Samsung accidentally confirming the Galaxy X. [Read More]
SAMSUNG appears to have all-but confirmed the existence of its long-rumoured Galaxy X smartphone, which is tipped to launch alongside the Galaxy S9 and S9... [Read More]