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Teachers know that Donald Trump's idea of arming them would be a bad idea. Gallup polled teachers on the proposal, and it's really not a popular... [Read More]
A new survey Friday said nearly three-quarters of teachers and educators oppose the notion of carrying guns in schools. [Read More]
This week, Gallup released their annual poll on American attitudes towards Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. As it has for decades, the survey showed overwhelming... [Read More]
Sean Gallup/Getty Images Levi Strauss & Co is suing two companies in China over trademark infringement for using its iconic double arch on... [Read More]
Soaring tuition costs, degrees of dubious value and nonstop student activism have combined to bring public confidence in the ivory tower tumbling down. Even... [Read More]
Another list, another low ranking. But at least the Baton Rouge area showed improvement in the Gallup-Sharecare 2017 Community Well-Being index, improving 17 spots from... [Read More]
Thumbnail – A Gallup poll released on Tuesday found a surge in American support for Israel that hasn't been seen since the early... [Read More]
ANGUS DEATON, an economist at Princeton University, argues that people are far too optimistic about their futures. Gallup, a polling firm, has asked respondents in... [Read More]
The Gallup Poll showed that 74% of the US public views Israel favorably. [Read More]
The American Indian College Fund has created an online repository for research into Native higher education. The repository includes literature reviews and historical documents in... [Read More]
Even among Democrats and the young, Israel enjoys at least a two-to-one advantage over Palestinian Authority, Gallup finds... [Read More]
A new Gallup poll finds 74% of Americans have a favorable view of Israel, while 27% of Democrats and only 12% of Republicans favorably view... [Read More]
Fundamentals. .03/13/2018 21:37:44PM EST. [Read More]
Sean Gallup/Getty Images The deadline set by the UK for Russia to explain itself over the Sergei Skripal poisoning has now passed. Russia... [Read More]
A Gallup poll published Tuesday found that 64 percent of Americans sympathize with Israelis in the conflict with Palestinians. [Read More]
The community that includes Naples, Immokalee and Marco Island, Florida, scored the highest in overall well-being in 2017 according to a Gallup-Sharecare report. [Read More]
Do you like what you do? And do you get to use your strengths every day? People in Naples, Fla. and Barnstable, Mass. largely answered... [Read More]
Those with conservative viewpoints believe they're the most shut down of all, according to a new Gallup/Knight Foundation poll... [Read More]
A new poll from Gallup reveals that an increasing number of students believe that conservative speech is deterred on college campuses. [Read More]
Naples, Florida, and the nearby towns of Immokalee and Marco Island once again take the No. 1 spot in the Gallup-Sharecare Well-Being 2017 Community Rankings. [Read More]