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Israeli officials have placed new restrictions on fuel deliveries across the Gaza Strip after new arson attacks, including one that involved a dead falcon. [Read More]
Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have used kites, balloons and flaming condoms to try to start wildfires across the border in Israel — and now... [Read More]
Israel tightened its blockade of the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, partly over kites carrying firebombs to set alight Israeli farmland, as concerns mounted over whether... [Read More]
The common kestrel was found hanging in a tree with flammable material connected to its harness. [Read More]
Israel says it is closing its only cargo crossing with the Gaza Strip for several days in response to Hamas hostilities. Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman... [Read More]
Israel placed new restrictions on its only cargo crossing with the Gaza Strip on Tuesday in response to continued Hamas hostilities, even after it agreed... [Read More]
Lands near the Gaza strip in Israel have been devastated by raging fires created by improvised incendiary devices sent over the border from Gaza. [Read More]
The worst of the fighting between Israel and Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip has subsided a day after the violence threatened to escalate into... [Read More]
A ceasefire announced by Hamas held on Sunday after the most severe exchange of fire between Israel and Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip since... [Read More]
The spirit of Gaza is unbroken by any siege and breathing life into the desperate and lost cause of the Palestinian struggle... [Read More]
Hamas and the Islamic Jihad movement announced late Saturday that a ceasefire agreement in the Gaza Strip had been reached with Israel. [Read More]
Israel and Hamas agreed to a cease-fire brokered by Egypt on Saturday after waves of Israeli jets slammed the Gaza Strip in retaliation for dozens... [Read More]
Israel unleashed its biggest air strikes on the Gaza Strip since a 2014 war Saturday, killing two Palestinians, while dozens of rockets targeted Israel, but... [Read More]
Two Palestinian teenagers were killed and four members of an Israeli family were wounded in a daylong exchange of rockets and airstrikes in and around... [Read More]
An Israeli air strike destroyed a vacant multi-storied building in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, killing two teenagers who were passing by, local health officials... [Read More]
Sirens warning of incoming rockets fired from the Gaza Strip sounded in the Israeli city of Ashkelon on Saturday, Israeli Army Radio said, and two... [Read More]
Israeli aircraft struck militant targets in the Gaza Strip and Palestinians launched dozens of mortar bombs and rockets from the enclave into Israel on Saturday,... [Read More]
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip –– The Israeli army Saturday carried out its largest daytime assault on the Gaza Strip in four years in an air... [Read More]
Rocket sirens sounded across the southern region of Israel late Friday evening, signalling a launch of projectiles from the Gaza Strip toward Israel. [Read More]
Israeli fighter jets have carried out strikes against Hamas targets in the Gaza strip, in response to the violence and "terrorist acts" the group instigated... [Read More]