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Charlottesville City Council will vote on its legislative package for the 2018 General Assembly on Monday. [Read More]
Another dark shadow has been cast over the Colorado General Assembly giving... [Read More]
Lawmakers hadn't yet finished voting on the long-delayed, $41.3-billion state budget last week, when the spending package sprung another leak: a projected $178-million shortfall in... [Read More]
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Saturday he was "deeply surprised" by a U.S. threat to close the Palestinian Liberation Organization's office in Washington unless it... [Read More]
Palestinians Threaten To Suspend Talks If US Closes PLO Mission ... [Read More]
Changes approved last week to state school accreditation and high school graduation standards are getting positive reviews from area educators and members of the Virginia... [Read More]
Editor's Note: A number of bills under consideration in the N.C. General Assembly would make changes — some of them substantial — to the configuration... [Read More]
World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, pursuant to General Assembly resolution 60/5, has increasingly been observed by a growing number of countries on... [Read More]
The Illinois Legislature can't help itself: It dictates to local government what it should do – without providing funding... [Read More]
In my opinion, N.C. Rep. Jon Hardister (letter, "Tax cuts have worked fine in North Carolina," Nov. 15) needs to save his propaganda for the... [Read More]
India's nominee Dalveer Bhandari and Britain's Christopher Greenwood, who are seeking re-election at the Hague-based ICJ, are locked in a major battle as 11 rounds... [Read More]
1. Macroeconomic policy questions: International trade and developme nt (A/C.2/72/L.7) [item 17 (a)] Action on draft resolution 2. Sustainable development (A/C.2/72/L.2/Rev.1, A/C.2/72/L.8, A/C.2/72/L.28/Rev.1, A/C.2/72/L.29, A/C.2/72/L.32... [Read More]
Telecommunication companies won't be able to take a free ride on Springfield utility poles just yet. A Statehouse bill that allows the companies' latest 5G... [Read More]
Malloy lays out cuts required by new budget- Connecticut got a clearer picture of the painful cuts... [Read More]
Small-cell technology and AT&T's AirGig initiative could make it easier to expand high-speed internet service to rural areas, if the Georgia General Assembly tailors state... [Read More]
North Carolina Republican legislative leaders balked again Friday at having an outside expert redraw some House and Senate district boundaries and argued lines approved over... [Read More]
North Carolina Republican legislative leaders say an outside expert told by federal judges this month to redraw some General Assembly district boundaries should keep all... [Read More]
Connecticut got a clearer picture of the painful cuts in the new state budget Friday when Gov. Dannel P. Malloy imposed more than $880 million... [Read More]
Gov. Dannel P. Malloy Friday doubled cuts in state aid to cities and towns to help achieve big, unassigned savings ordered by the General Assembly... [Read More]
One of the quickest bills to get passed by the General Assembly and signed by Governor Bruce Rauner deals with curbing sexual harassment. [Read More]