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General John Nicholson said the air raid was carried out against hideouts of the Takfiri terrorists in Kunar. [Read More]
Several senior Daesh group members in Afghanistan... [Read More]
General John Nicholson says latest raid dealt a blow to the militant group... [Read More]
General John Nicholson, a highly respected four-star Army general with 35 years experience may be in the White House's political crosshairs and become the first... [Read More]
Trump's doubts about the Afghanistan war could lead to the firing of Army General John Nicholson,... [Read More]
Spc. Johnathan C. Hodge, a 2013 Del Oro graduate, was awarded the Combat Medical Badge. On May 3, three soldiers were injured by a suicide... [Read More]
US Army General John Nicholson confirmed the killing of Abu Sayed - the head of the Islamic State group affiliate in Afghanistan. Nicholson said Sayed... [Read More]