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Georgetown University's Board of Directors, which governs the university and makes decisions regarding tuition, academic programs, and other university policies along with President John DeGioia,... [Read More]
In a campaign season marked by mediocrity and similarity, only one ticket rises above the pack with a demonstrated grasp of the issues facing Georgetown... [Read More]
Last year, Georgetown University joined other peer institutions in taking steps to address its historic ties to the slave trade. Johns Hopkins shares that history,... [Read More]
The Georgetown University graduate student group, GU Chinese Students and Scholars Association, has received substantial funding from the Chinese government in years past, though the... [Read More]
Logan Arkema (COL '20) and Jonathan Compo (COL '20) are not like the other candidates running for president and vice president of the Georgetown University... [Read More]
In Hunter Estes (SFS '19) and Richard Howell's (SFS '19) campaign pitch for the Georgetown University Student Association's executive offices, the candidates promise they will... [Read More]
When Sahil Nair (SFS '19) and Naba Rahman (SFS '19) first met on a national debate circuit their senior year of high school, they never... [Read More]
Emphasizing their campaign motto "Moving Forward," Josh Sirois (SFS '20) and Casey Doherty (COL '20) are running for president and vice president, respectively, of the... [Read More]
Georgetown University is set to rename two buildings on campus in honor of people who were sold as slaves in Maryland in 1838. The renaming... [Read More]
Last year, Georgetown University joined other peer institutions in taking steps to address its historic ties to the slave trade. John Hopkins shares that history,... [Read More]
Dr. Robert Silverman, Clinical Associate Professor at Georgetown University, joins U.S. Dermatology Partners... [Read More]
Three Georgetown University Student Association vice presidential candidates discussed their plans to make GUSA more inclusive and increase affordability for students at a debate held... [Read More]
Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, a distinguished professor of diplomacy at Georgetown University, received the 2018 Raymond "Jit" Trainor Award for Excellence in the... [Read More]
As debate stalls in the U.S. Senate over a replacement to the rescinded Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, Georgetown University administrators and students are... [Read More]
Harm Bandholz, Unicredit Chief U.S. Economist, says we've just hit a new record high in terms of deficit. Stan Collender, Georgetown University's McCourt School of... [Read More]
Marquette Golden Eagles guard Duane Wilson (1) reacts after hitting a three point shot to tie the score at 48-48 during the Marquette University vs.... [Read More]
Driving back from winter adventuring in Minnesota's Sawtooth Mountains, I flicked on the radio. John DiGioia, the current President of my Alma Mater, spoke about... [Read More]
Poland has imposed limits on speech about the Holocaust. NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro talks to Georgetown University's Anna Sommer Schneider, who gives tours of Auschwitz. [Read More]
Well the long awaited memo has finally been released. What we learned is absolutely horrifying. We learned that the Obama DOJ and FBI used police... [Read More]
Shon Hopwood (Georgetown law professor) joins Dave to discuss his 11 years in federal prison for robbing banks, his journey to becoming a law professor... [Read More]