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Berlin police have shot a man who threatened an officer outside a hospital in the German capital. Police spokeswoman Konstanze Dassler says the incident occurred... [Read More]
A German man was shot in the leg by police after threatening an officer outside a hospital in Berlin, authorities said Thursday. "The officers... [Read More]
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Germany should amend the legislation to allow asylum seekers work rather than keep them reliant on welfare and face an environment conductive to crime and... [Read More]

A German police officer shot and wounded a man who threatened a female officer.

... [Read More]
A cadre of German companies seeking to engage in business with Iran is remaining silent in the face of calls by an international advocacy group... [Read More]
German politicians and civil rights groups have slammed plans to give security forces direct access to citizens' ID photos - and create a "de facto... [Read More]
'More than strange': Prosecutors believe the officer may have intended to orchestrate an attack so that it was blamed on foreigners... [Read More]
Armed with hand-held breathalyzers and EKGs, German scientists put in a hard month's work at Munich's Oktoberfest as they mingled with thousands of men and... [Read More]
The 28-year-old wanted to place the blame on migrants. [Read More]
ONE person has been injured after cops opened fire on a man who 'tried to attack them' outside a German hospital. Officers have reportedly cordoned off... [Read More]
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27 stress they are united heading into Brexit talks ... [Read More]
German Chancellor Angela Merkel recent measures taken by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan have adversely affected relations between the EU and Ankara. [Read More]
German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Turkey on Thursday to answer questions raised by European observers over a referendum that expanded President Tayyip Erdogan's powers and... [Read More]
German police have arrested an army officer whom they described as having xenophobic views and another man who was found with explosives on suspicion they... [Read More]
The EU has caused citizens of south-east Europe to rebel against their governments, which should be viewed as a success, according to the German newspaper... [Read More]
A strong performance by its independent subsidiary Covestro helped drive a big jump in first-quarter sales and earnings for German drug maker Bayer. [Read More]
Americans playing for trophies in Europe, Omar Gonzalez wins again, Brad Guzan starts again, Javier Mascherano finally scores, La Liga race, Portland stadium plans. [Read More]