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The European Jewish Association condemned the auction on the basis that it would be purchased by people looking to "glorify" Nazism. [Read More]
A purebred German Shepherd will forever be puppy-sized due to a genetic condition.  Read Full Article... [Read More]
German carmakers Daimler, BMW and Volkswagen have been ordered to pay €100 million for forming a cartel to fix steel prices. Germany's competition watchdog has... [Read More]
The fine was imposed as the EU investigates German car manufacturers suspected of colluding on emission control technologies. [Read More]
Landslides aren't just hazards. An experiment in Taiwan could reveal their outsize effect on the climate. ![][1] Steep, wet slopes... [Read More]
![][1] ![][2] A virtual reconstruction depicts a festival honoring the goddess Inanna/Ishtar in Uruk's Eanna Sanctuary. IMAGE: [ARTEFACTS-BERLIN.DE][3]; WISSENSCHAFTLICHES... [Read More]
At first glance, Ranger looks like any normal German Shepherd puppy, with his big ears and coloring that is distinctive to the breed. [Read More]
Daimler, BMW, Volkswagen accused by competition watchdog... [Read More]
ANGELA MERKEL, the long-standing German chancellor, has gone down in the estimates of voters according to one survey as her leadership is appearing increasingly fragile. [Read More]
"We are emphasizing through the synodal way the community and bonds of all believers—not the difference between clergy and laity. All of us are baptized... [Read More]
Angelique Kerber will work with Dieter Kindlmann in the next WTA season after announcing her fellow German as her new coach. [Read More]
German government's anti-Semitism commissioner Felix Klein complains that sale trivializes Nazi crimes... [Read More]
It is certain that most people just can't get over cute fluffy animals. In this case, mother nature decided to play a prank and made... [Read More]
A German Shepherd chewed off her own leg after being chained up outside without any food or water, according to authorities. [Read More]
European stocks dropped for a fourth straight day on Thursday as mixed headlines about U.S.-China trade talks muted risk appetite, while German conglomerate Thyssenkrupp suffered... [Read More]
Chancellor Angela Merkel has promised leading members of her Christian Democratic party (CDU) that Germany will use more European components in the rollout of its... [Read More]
Germany's federal parliament, the Bundestag, has awarded the Reeperbahn Festival €20 million euros in funding to help bolster its expansion both domestically and internationally. [Read More]
A cruel New York dog owner is facing criminal charges after his starving pooch apparently chewed off her own leg while in a crate chained... [Read More]
Volkswagen has told a sports arena in western Germany to cover up the carmaker's name when the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party holds an... [Read More]
Ride hailing company Uber denied a German magazine report on Thursday that it was considering hiring Wirecard as its main payments partner to replace Dutch... [Read More]