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In San Francisco this week, Gov. Jerry Brown and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg led a Global Climate Action Summit with government, business,... [Read More]
Members of the Emmett Institute on Climate Change and the Environment led several events and drew strong media attention during the Global Climate Action Summit... [Read More]
The rich and/or powerful were out in full force at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco, says San Luis Obispo Tribune columnist Tom... [Read More]
If ever there was a snapshot of our progress in tackling climate change, the Global Climate Action Summit was it. Thousands of leaders from all... [Read More]
USF is partnering with Gov. Jerry Brown's Global Climate Action Summit Sept. 11–14.  The summit will bring scientists and leaders from around the world to the campus... [Read More]
Billions of people all over the globe are already feeling the impacts of climate change — from the deserts of Somaliland to the peat bogs of... [Read More]
The Global Climate Action Summit revealed deep chasms between the stated commitments of cities, states and businesses and the Trump administration. [Read More]
Globala frågor, Miljö, Politik, Utveckling De vill se världens regeringar enas kring ambitiösa klimatåtgärder Tharanga Yakupitiyage | Skriv ut|Skicka artikeln vidare   ... [Read More]
In closing remarks at the Global Climate Action Summit, California Governor Jerry Brown announced before corporate, government and NGO leaders that the State of California is teaming... [Read More]
Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg and West Sacramento Mayor Christopher Cabaldon are already soldiers in the war against climate change. Both made presentations at last week's... [Read More]
Ford was a featured speaker at California Governor Jerry Brown's Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco last week. "Stop giving power to people who... [Read More]
The International "Global Climate Action Summit" was organized on Sept. 12-15 in San Francisco. Public administrations, businesspeople and non-governmental organization representatives who are signatories of... [Read More]
Although the Global Climate Action Summit was winding down by Friday, Sept. 14, affiliated cultural events were still going strong. We started the night at... [Read More]
California is planning to launch its own satellite to "track climate change-causing pollutants," said Governor Jerry Brown at the Global Climate Action Summit in San... [Read More]
À l'issue du Sommet mondial sur l'action pour le climat ( Global Climate Action Summit ) de San Francisco, l'accent sera mis... [Read More]
Harrison Ford recently took the stage at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco, California, to offer an impassioned message. [Read More]
The three-day international Global Climate Action Summit (September 12-14, 2018) in San Francisco, was touted as "a launchpad for deeper worldwide commitments and accelerated action... [Read More]
California's Governor Jerry Brown announced late Friday the state would send its own satellite into orbit to track the progress of climate change, which is... [Read More]
Limousine (or is it luxury jet?) liberal Harrison Ford had an angry condemnation of 'climate change' skeptics during a recent environmental conference. Ford, who had... [Read More]
The most enduring outcome of Governor Jerry Brown's Global Climate Action Summit may be an emissions trading link-up between the world's largest economy and America's... [Read More]