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Google released a fun AI experiment today called Move Mirror that matches whatever pose you make to hundreds of images of others making that same... [Read More]
Crude oil has been one of the best-performing assets over the last 12-months. The underlying economic fundamentals for crude are weaker than the market anticipa... [Read More]
There will soon be a cable connecting France and Virginia, and it's all in the name of providing better internet service. In a statement this... [Read More]
"Ag ag ag ag ag ag ag ag ag ag" does not mean "And its length was one hundred cubits at one end" in Somali.... [Read More]
bangoland / For many smartphone users, calendar apps are a vital tool for staying organized and remembering all the where and when... [Read More]
Hope you like that flat interface style. [Read More]
While Saudi Arabia plans a futuristic megacity run on artificial intelligence, the former Chief Business Officer of Google X advises the world to plan for... [Read More]
I've scoured AskMeFi previous questions and Google but have not found exactly what I'm looking for. More details inside. I'm a single mom to... [Read More]
Lucas Jackson/Reuters Growth investing may sound risky, but there's a sound way to do it. Just a few great investments can do... [Read More]
Who had the best (and worst) week in politics? In the video above, IN Focus panelists Christina Hale, Mike Murphy and Tim Swarens pick this week's winners and losers. Join us again... [Read More]
Google's (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) $5 billion fine, NYC's public transit woes, and WeWork's (VWORK) meat ban. On this week's episode, Felix Salmon, Emily Pec... [Read More]
Last week, I linked to a critique of Google's new "confidential mode" for Gmail and Google Docs, which purports to allow you to send people... [Read More]
Google continues to roll out new features and upgrades. [Read More]
This sampling of homes sold recently in central Ohio comes from information supplied by real-estate agents.If you're an agent who would like to submit, fill... [Read More]
To solve online, click the link below the puzzle. How to play Nexus4 Also, try Nexus4 for beginners and Other Nexus4's Solve online (thanks to J. Eric Ivancich) About... [Read More]
Google Maps Police descended on a Los Angeles-area supermarket on Saturday evening after reports of a gunman opening fire outside, then running into... [Read More]
We all know the internet has many weird and wonderful corners, but this may be one of the most bizarre phenomena yet. [Read More]
View the original at Parade or follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+... [Read More]
My basement bathroom floor has 12" square slate tiles, and for a few in front of the shower stall, I get a disturbingly hollow sound... [Read More]
On the July 22, 2018 episode of /Film Daily, /Film editor-in-chief Peter Sciretta is joined by /Film Managing Editor Jacob Hall, Weekend Editor Brad Oman, and writer Chris Evangelista to talk about everything... [Read More]