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Faced with the risk of another failed special session, Gov. John Bel Edwards changed his approach with lawmakers and urged more in-your-face contact by the... [Read More]
Louisiana House Republicans resisted Gov. John Bel Edwards' call for $648 million in permanent taxes to balance the budget, opting instead Thursday to advance a... [Read More]
Negotiations over passing taxes to fill gaps in Louisiana's budget started off tensely Wednesday between Gov. John Bel Edwards' administration and House lawmakers, raising questions... [Read More]
Voters will decide whether fantasy sports games through online sites such as DraftKings and FanDuel will be legalized in Louisiana. Gov. John Bel Edwards announced... [Read More]
Gov. John Bel Edwards will be a keynote speaker when a three-day conference dedicated to restoring and preserving Louisiana's coast opens. The State of the... [Read More]
One of Gov. John Bel Edwards' picks for Louisiana's top higher education board has been snubbed by state senators. On the final day of the... [Read More]
The House failed to pass a Republican bill on Friday that would have raised a third less money than what Gov. John Bel Edwards is... [Read More]
As legislators squabbled Thursday over a $648 million budget gap, Gov. John Bel Edwards welcomed New Orleans Saints owner Gayle Benson to the Capitol to... [Read More]
Gov. John Bel Edwards has agreed to make it harder to see how individual jurors voted in cases that end in split verdicts. The governor's... [Read More]
Gov. John Bel Edwards has agreed to bolster a state law aimed at encouraging women seeking an abortion to instead give birth and place the... [Read More]
Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards congratulated New Orleans Saints owner Gayle Benson on Thursday, following her successful bid to host Super Bowl 58 on her... [Read More]
A Republican-crafted sales tax bill that's smaller than Gov. John Bel Edwards wants has won the backing of the House Ways and Means Committee. An... [Read More]
Gov. John Bel Edwards released a video encouraging Louisiana residents to prepare for potential violent windstorms Thursday. [Read More]
Louisiana House leaders are resisting Gov. John Bel Edwards' call for $648 million in permanent taxes to balance the budget. Instead, they are considering a... [Read More]
Gov. John Bel Edwards says a food distribution center in suburban New Orleans plans to triple its size and add 45 jobs to its current... [Read More] – Louisiana Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards issued an executive order on Tuesday prohibiting his state government from doing business... [Read More]
A new information technology center that is expected to bring 2,000 jobs to New Orleans over the next five years has been formally dedicated. Gov.... [Read More]
Gov. John Bel Edwards again urged lawmakers Wednesday during a higher education rally at the Capitol to protect funding for colleges and universities and pass... [Read More]
Gov. John Bel Edwards signed the legislation at a ceremony attended by a handful of wrongfully convicted Louisiana men. [Read More]
Gov. John Bel Edwards has signed into law Louisiana's first government-wide policy against sexual harassment. The law requires state and local government agencies to enact... [Read More]