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Lin Tucci played the buxom Mama Bazoom -- opposite Elizabeth Berkley as Nomi Malone -- in the sexy 1995 cult classic, "Showgirls." Guess what she…... [Read More]
The Cheeto dust colored monster was created as a mascot for Philly's ice hockey team. But I'd guess most sports dummies weren't aware. [Read More]
I can only guess at how "Stan & Ollie" will work for anyone unfamiliar with, or resistant to, the blithe charms of Mr. Laurel and... [Read More]
Nicholas Alberti, a 38-year-old artist and Wantagh native, views painting as an opportunity. "I guess for me, it's just about having the opportunity to create... [Read More]
He dared her to dis-invite him to the HOUSE FLOOR. She did it. He boasted that he'd give the STATE OF THE UNION somewhere else.... [Read More]
You watch. You sing along. You guess. You guess wrong. Naming the artists on "The Masked Singer" isn't as easy as it looks — and... [Read More]
If you thought it was only K-12 public schools affected by ongoing union negotiations, guess again. [Read More]
Guess the missing word from these sentences (Catholic Theology For Beginners).An easy and fun way to exercise your brain.Challenge your mind... [Read More]
Guess the missing word from these Bible verses.An easy and fun way to exercise your brain and help you with your Bible Study.Challenge your... [Read More]
TWO cars with lots of horsepower playing cat and mouse on a frozen lake. Guess what happened next? I might have tangled with the Lambo... [Read More]
Shifting alliances on a diplomatic chess board... [Read More]
I guess he didn't find my Bloomberg column persuasive. [Read More]
Quite what Brexit will look like after all this has been completed is anyone's guess. My guess? Some sort of Pet Sematary Brexit. [Read More]
It's amazing what you can learn on the Internet. I didn't know, I just didn't know, who knew? Are ya sitting down? This might come... [Read More]
480 Pounds of Camellia Red Beans... [Read More]
What will the next championship-contending White Sox team look like? That's what we're setting out to determine (or at least make a guess at) this... [Read More]
There comes a point after you've consumed enough movies to be consciously cognizant of the rhythms and cadences of them that you're able to recognize... [Read More]
Willy Wonka is shook! [Read More]
Well, I guess this wasn't exactly unexpected. Blatant lawlessness continues. How long... [Read More]