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On Dec. 17, 1941, 10 days after the Japanese Empire attacked our military personnel based at Pearl Harbor, the Naval Supply Depot in Mechanicsburg was... [Read More]
So as not to repeat history, WWI worth remembering 100 years later... [Read More]
Newspapers across the country have been asked to run an editorial this past week patterned after one by the Boston Globe and taking exception to... [Read More]
The healthier enrollees are, the less their health plans will cost. [Read More]
The Lahoma Courts properties in Enid could support significant big-box retail. [Read More]
Two years ago, Florida voters passed a constitutional amendment legalizing medical marijuana by more than 72 percent.It's clear Florida backs the use of marijuana for... [Read More]
Imagine a world in which the rosy assumptions Sen. Bernie Sanders makes on behalf of his "Medicare for all" health care plan turn out to... [Read More]
The Register-Herald, Beckley... [Read More]
Parkersburg News and Sentinel... [Read More]
This editorial appeared in Sunday's Washington Post. [Read More]
The following editorial appeared in The News Tribune (Tacoma) [Read More]
Scores of American newspapers published editorials last Thursday defending the value of freedom of the press. They did so under increasing criticism from a president... [Read More]
The opioid epidemic is hitting Pennsylvania hard. In 2016, an estimated 25 percent of overdose deaths involved a prescription opioid, according to a report by... [Read More]
Think twice, at least, before putting anything online. And consider deleting your old tweets. Someday you may be glad you did. [Read More]
Now nearly everyone, it seems, is in favor of more "forest management" to reduce fuel for California's record wildfires. [Read More]
South Carolina's laws against littering should become more effective and enforceable with approval of amendments in 2018. [Read More]
Inadvertently shipped to the U.S. in the 1910s, the pesky Japanese beetle — Latin name Popillia japonica — is known for emerald heads, golden-brown wing... [Read More]
Although Tuesday's grand jury report's findings have been speculated upon for months, the details it revealed of systemic and widespread sexual abuse of children by... [Read More]
As Florida House candidate Melissa Howard's house of lies was collapsing, Anthony Pedicini, her campaign flack, dismissed emerging details as "fake news."Turns out, Howard's counterfeit... [Read More]
The Post and Courier of Charleston, South Carolina, on President Donald Trump's idea to create a Space Force:... [Read More]