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Some gun-toting Texans embrace Democrat's call for tougher firearm laws The mainstream media managed to find a rancher who supports gun control. It's cute that... [Read More]
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While most jobs don't require guns, there can still be lessons to learn about guns and gun control. After all, bureaucrats are stupid all over. [Read More]
Cody Wilson, whose push to post blueprints of 3D-printed guns online has made him a key figure in the national gun control debate, was charged... [Read More]
When it comes to gun control in Massachusetts, Attorney General Maura Healey is a law unto herself. Who needs a state legislature when you can... [Read More]
The national gun control organization backed by former New York Mayor Micheal Bloomberg is digging deep this election year. [Read More]
BRADENTON – State Senator Bill Galvano is catching heat from the NRA over a donation from gun control advocates. Galvano from Bradenton received a big contribution... [Read More]
Rumor Mill: Michael Bloomberg Plans To Take On Trump In 2020 - Beth Baumann: Former New York Mayor and everyone's favorite gun control advocate (and .09/19/2018... [Read More]
The mantra "It's the economy, stupid," propelled Bill Clinton's candidacy during the presidential campaign in 1992. His decision to highlight the nation's then-struggling economy (and... [Read More]
In 2016, California became the first state in the nation to allow family members and roommates of individuals believed to be dangerous, as well as... [Read More]
On Tuesday's episode of "Pat Gray Unleashed," Pat discussed comments made by Democratic Texas Senate candidate Beto O'Rourke about banning bump stocks and AR-15 rifles.... [Read More]
Texas cattle rancher Bill Martin is a lifelong Republican who owns more than 20 firearms and has been shooting guns six age 6. He's now... [Read More]
During this year's election season, candidates running for office in Clark County have eagerly denounced Oregon's plan to enact tolls, or "value pricing," on stretches... [Read More]
ILLINOIS (WCIA)-- Searching for a way to shrink a double-digit deficit in the polls, Governor Bruce Rauner highlighted his Democratic rival's record on gun control... [Read More]
Sussex County residents and advocates of stricter gun control laws are preparing to make their voices heard during the third annual Concert Across America to... [Read More]
State senator from Bradenton says he is grateful for the support... [Read More]
The latest installment of the nation's endless debate on gun control recently surfaced on the University of Utah campus. A graduate student instructing a class... [Read More]
Libertarian US senate candidate Jim Shultz joins David Earl in discussing gun control, health care and his opponents, incumbent Deb Fischer and Democrat Jane Ra... [Read More]
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State senator says he is grateful for the support. [Read More]