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Americans don't just disagree on the issues. They disagree on what the issues are. Republicans and Democrats don't just disagree on the issues, though of... [Read More]
Alex Little writes, "The Parkland kids created a rube goldberg machine that shows the predictable domino effect of responses from politicians and media after every... [Read More]
A new crime fighting initiative in Baton Rouge is positioning itself to address gun violence from the ground up, hoping to change the culture one... [Read More]
"It may be individuals on the street pulling the trigger, but it's the ruling class who set the stage." [Read More]
Actor Alec Baldwin is reportedly urging voters to use the ballot box to "overthrow" the government in order to effect change on gun violence, energy policies and... [Read More]
Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty A top rating from the NRA is no longer the badge of honor it once was for Ohio Republican Bob Gibbs.... [Read More]
An era of a new kind of CEO activism appears to be in full swing. Think of Nike CEO Mike Parker's decision to feature ads... [Read More]
Content warning: This article discusses gun violence. Reverend Liz Walker spoke about her work on trauma and the healing process in local communities on Oct.... [Read More]
With just over three weeks left before the midterms, former Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords stopped by San Diego on Sunday morning to help Mike Levin... [Read More]
Parents of two Parkland, Florida school shooting victims are visiting Wisconsin as part of their push to end gun violence in America. [Read More]
In Mountain View, young Alaskans hit the street to stand up against gun violence. [Read More]
A man was shot and killed at a Florida Boulevard gas station Saturday night in a brazen act of violence that left his family mourning... [Read More]
A group called VOICE; Violence Overcome by Involving Community Effort is letting their voices be heard when it comes to finding solutions for gun violence. [Read More]
On the eve of the jubilant occasion, another shooting death was added to a growing tally. [Read More]
Mothers who lost children to gun violence take to the streets, along with members of the Police Department, in an effort to bring justice to... [Read More]
Emma Gonzalez was brought to tears during her speech at Variety's Power of Women event, presented by Lifetime. Reflecting upon the myriad of school shootings... [Read More]
Baltimore is one of 40 cities across the country taking part in a week of non-violence. [Read More]
Following the shooting in Sandy Hook, where we live, Connecticut passed a comprehensive set of laws designed to reduce gun violence, including background checks on... [Read More]
Watch 'Safe' and read Kesha's empowering op-ed... [Read More]