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Disney has revealed release dates for some upcoming big films! A live-action version of "The Lion King" is set to arrive in July 2019. The... [Read More]
Sunset Hills Golf Course has been sold, but rumors of Harrison Ford ownership are false... [Read More]
STAR WARS legend Harrison Ford revealed what he really thinks about the Young Han Solo movie and new star Alden Ehrenreich. [Read More]
This means that Harrison Ford will be 76, presumably, when shooting Indiana Jones 5 with Steven Spielberg, and will be 77 when it is released. [Read More]
The release dates for the final installment in the third "Star Wars" trilogy and the fifth chapter of the "Indiana Jones" series were announced Tuesday.... [Read More]
A lawyer from Indiana recently gained attention when he represented actor Harrison Ford in a high-profile case stemming from Ford's botched plane landing at a... [Read More]
Adding a healthy layer of paranoia to your tourist trip to a galaxy far, far away, designers at Disney's hotly anticipated Star Wars Land attraction... [Read More]
At the 40th anniversary panel, that included Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, George Lucas and more, a video tribute was played for the actress who passed... [Read More]
How do you celebrate 40 years of "Star Wars" in 90 minutes? [Read More]
How do you celebrate 40 years of "Star Wars" in 90 minutes? With a surprise Harrison Ford appearance, a touching Carrie Fisher tribute, a... [Read More]
Harrison Ford also made a surprise appearance for an Orlando celebration for 40 years of "Star Wars" [Read More]
The Star Wars Celebration kicked off Thursday in Orlando, Fla., as fans in costume flocked to the four-day event marking the anniversary of George Lucas'... [Read More]
STAR WARS and Indiana Jones don't just share Harrison Ford, there are three massive Easter Eggs between the movie franchises right there on screen. Did... [Read More]
STAR WARS' Young Han Solo spin-off almost saw One Direction's Harry Styles in the iconic Harrison Ford role instead of Alden Ehrenreich. [Read More]
Mr. Baldwin's unexpectedly moving new memoir reflects on topics ranging from a directionless childhood to Harrison Ford's looks. [Read More]
It seemed like such a long time into the future when Blade Runner was released in 1982, but today we reached an important date in... [Read More]
Debbie Reynolds asked son for permission to die ... [Read More]
On Saturday, the 74-year-old chose to fly commercial instead of sitting in the pilot's seat. The actor was seen arriving at LAX with his... [Read More]
Late Carrie Fisher will appear in Star Wars: Episode IX ... [Read More]
Actor Harrison Ford, the daring space pilot of "Star Wars" fame, will get to keep flying airplanes in real life after federal officials closed a... [Read More]