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An employee with a Harvard University-affiliated research center has issued an apology after she was captured on video asking a neighbor and the woman's biracial... [Read More]
A lawsuit filed against Harvard University that claims too few Asian-Americans are accepted to the vaunted college could do the opposite — eliminate race-conscious admissions... [Read More]
Can't cool off this summer? Heat waves can slow us down in ways we may not realize. New research suggests heat stress can muddle... [Read More]
Christopher M. Vassallo is an intern at Foreign Affairs and a student at Harvard University.If you want to know how this week's North Atlantic Treaty…... [Read More]
Seismic solecism July 10, 2018 @ 12:35 am · Filed by Victor Mair under Errors, Language and... [Read More]
The victim of a serious injury as a young man that left him paralyzed from the neck down, Charles Krauthammer managed to earn a medical... [Read More]
Next week marks the ninth anniversary of the arrest of Harvard University professor Henry Louis "Skip" Gates Jr. on his front porch in Cambridge, Mass.... [Read More]
The election of President Donald Trump has put America's democracy in jeopardy as polarization and incivility increase in American politics, Harvard University professor Steven Levitsky... [Read More]
In modern America, certain elites believe that engaging in racial discrimination is not only acceptable, but desirable. Such racism comes not from President Trump, who... [Read More]
Just days after ending her 11-year tenure as president of Harvard University, Drew Faust announced she's making the jump from academia to Wall Street, sparking... [Read More]
Researchers from Harvard University made the finding by studying ancient ocean sediments unearthed from Nevada (stock image). [Read More]
Yascha Mounk of Harvard University, who numbers among the liberal thinkers overwrought about populism and Donald Trump (Mounk is the author of The People Vs.... [Read More]
Luis Salas, assistant professor of classics in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, has been awarded a prestigious fellowship from the Loeb... [Read More]
Researchers at Harvard University have discovered that a person's brain works 13 percent slower when it has to operate in extreme heat. [Read More]
Former Council of Economic Advisers Chair Jason Furman of Harvard University discusses the latest numbers measuring economic growth in the United States economy. [Read More]
Harvard University created a study that proved that when fewer blue dots were shown, participants still thought there were equal numbers of blue and purple... [Read More]
Paul Levine of West Tisbury was never all that taken by poetry. He attributes this to having teachers in high school who were something less... [Read More]
Daniela Wancier, an assistant professor of dance at Broward College, will present her program at the Movement and Cognition world conference. The conference is being held... [Read More]
Douglas Lute of Harvard University says "there's a lot of interest" for the U.S. to remain in NATO. [Read More]
A college degree has been called "the new high school diploma" by Forbes, implying that to have a modicum of professional success you need at... [Read More]