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More rain.  More problems. Heavy rains the past two days have created rises on all Chicago-area rivers and streams, many of which are now or... [Read More]
A lot of people are saying this week's heavy rain and widespread flooding reminds them of the floods of 2014. Four years ago this... [Read More]
Clean up was underway in Skokie and all over the Chicago area after heavy rains and flooding Friday morning. [Read More]
Heavy rains across Wisconsin have state officials urging boaters and swimmers to be wary while on flooded lakes and rivers. [Read More]
Infrared cameras are the heat-sensing eyes that help drones find their targets even in the dead of night or through heavy fog. Hiding from such... [Read More]
A suspicious package spotted in the parking lot of Dolphin Mall triggered a heavy police presence at the shopping center, Friday afternoon. Sweetwater Police and... [Read More]
Scrutinizing elected officials' travel is not a new issue. With many Cabinet secretaries and members of the current administration coming under heavy criticism, and even... [Read More]
Storms are currently moving through metro Atlanta, producing pockets of heavy rain and lightning. [Read More]
SpaceX has won a $130 million contract to send a classified Air Force satellite to space on its monster Falcon Heavy rocket. The satellite, known... [Read More]
Wayne County announces it is closing several bridges as a result of a 7 Action News investigation found heavy vehicles were using the bridges despite... [Read More]
I'm going to start teaching some beginner R workshops for students in the social sciences. My background is in teaching/using Python for data analysis/retrieval/etc. What... [Read More]
The Iowa DNR is encouraging all paddlers to stay on lakes and flat-water while the rivers are high due to heavy rain. Rivers in... [Read More]
Nintendo is rereleasing its NES Classic Edition console next week, on June 29. The miniature console costs just $60 and comes with 30 games. The... [Read More]
The latest Nine Inch Nails album closes with two minutes of sonic ether that fades into a distance as hazy and difficult to make out... [Read More]
Preparation is the key to the successful effort, one of operators says. [Read More]
Falcon Heavy in New York City. Delta IV Heavy gazing over the Taj Mahal. A Soyuz rocket quietly hovering near the crest line of Niagara... [Read More]
SpaceX will launch the AFSPC-52 satellite atop its Falcon Heavy rocket in 2020, the U.S. Air Force announced on Thursday. [Read More]
Luggage that's bulky, heavy, or difficult to manage can add to stress when traveling. Your luggage should be large enough to fit your belongings, have... [Read More]
Amtrak suspended service east of New Orleans after Katrina caused heavy damage in 2005. [Read More]
Heavy rains the past two days have created rises on all Chicago-area rivers and streams, many of which are now or are forecast to be... [Read More]