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As Floridians, we are unfortunately all too familiar with the litigious dark arts. Just last year, the American Tort Reform Foundation named Florida the nation's... [Read More]
Venezuela Is Such A Socialist Hellhole That Families Are Burying Loved Ones In Plastic Bags - Matt Vespa: We've written how Venezuela is a socialist... [Read More]
Voters in a key Louisiana jurisdiction have just informed rapacious plaintiffs' lawyers that Bayou State citizens are tired of living in a "judicial hellhole." [Read More]
West Virginia lawmakers did a lot of work when potential employers pointed out there was a chill against moving into any state designated a "Judicial... [Read More]
Ultimately, this state of affairs isn't good for the California economy, California businesses or California consumers. [Read More]
Children in the UK have contracted scabies after being forced to live in slug and rat infested emergency housing. Katie*, her children and her grandchildren... [Read More]
CHILDREN have contracted scabies after living in a slug and rat-infested "hellhole" council home. The property, in Manchester, had poo in the cupboards and leaky... [Read More]
The suspected spy was arrested for taking a photograph at Alexandria Airport upon arriving in Egypt, according to his family. [Read More]