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Monday, March 20, 2017 at 06:09 PM
'And Republicans may not be raising alarms like Democrats are today because it happened to us'... [Read More]
Former Democratic National Convention interim chair Donna Brazile has finally admitted she sent a debate question to Hillary Clinton's campaign prior to a CNN debate... [Read More]
i was live-streaming Congressional testimony today... CURSE YOU, ANARCHISTS! There's obviously far more evidence (and consequence) against Donald Trump, you bloodthirsty hypocrites, than there was... [Read More]
Warren says 'Gorsuch doesn't belong on the Supreme Court' in op-ed ... [Read More]
FBI Director Forced to Fact-Check Trump's Twitter Bullshit in Real ... [Read More]
Reporters and politicos are muddying the waters on President Trump's alleged ties to foreign interests by claiming inaccurately that Russia hacked the 2016 presidential election.... [Read More]
(DAILY CALLER) President Donald Trump is scheduled to meet Monday with oncologist, bioethicist and Obamacare architect Ezekiel Emanuel about how to effectively overhaul the U.S.... [Read More]
During the 2016 Presidential election, the media and Congress were obsessed with the email server of Hillary Clinton. Congressional hearings proclaimed that national security was... [Read More]
On Nov 8, 2016, I stood among supporters of former United States secretary of state Hillary Clinton, under the largest glass ceiling in Manhattan, waiting... [Read More]
According to a US congressman, Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 US election because her campaign was poorly-managed. [Read More]
The liberal establishment has been after conservative websites since Hillary Clinton was shellacked in last year's presidential election. Democrats and the liberal media have not... [Read More]
FBI director James Comey was questioned for more than six hours by the House intelligence committee on the bureau's investigation into Russia's attempts to interfere... [Read More]
Congressman John Lewis, (D-Atlanta) and former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton wil... [Read More]
Actor spends the day with Hillary Clinton's political staffer and her son... [Read More]
RUSH: The people behind this are completely and totally irresponsible. They have been gobsmacked. They simply cannot deal with the fact that they lost the... [Read More]
RUSH: Large majorities of Americans in 31 states did conspire against Hillary Clinton. It's called voting. They didn't vote for her. Thirty-one states voted for... [Read More]
'They hated her, Secretary Clinton'... [Read More]
Social media users resurfaced a tweet from senior White House adviser Kellyanne Conway from last year mocking the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton during Monday's... [Read More]
US Lawmaker: 'No Evidence Of Collusion' Between Trump Campaign, Russia ... [Read More]
It was a good metaphor. FBI Director James Comey is testifying before the House Intelligence Committee, as they're investigating whether the Trump campaign colluded... [Read More]