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Wednesday, September 13, 2017 at 09:24 PM
'We need her help to go forward,' the Vermont senator told Stephen Colbert. [Read More]
Prosecutors asked a judge to toss pharma felon Martin Shkreli behind bars Thursday, claiming he's a danger to society following Facebook posts in which he... [Read More]
Hillary Clinton has revealed that she was so distraught after losing the election that she was unable to speak. Clinton spoke out in NYC ahead... [Read More]
President Donald Trump's eldest son told a Senate committee Thursday he was open to receiving information about Hillary Clinton's "fitness, character or qualifications" in a... [Read More]
Hillary Clinton said Thursday that she was devastated and drained after her loss to Donald Trump in 2016, but regained her strength by relying on... [Read More]
Citing his Facebook posts threatening Hillary Clinton, federal prosecutors are asking a New York judge to revoke Shkreli's bond so they can take him into... [Read More]
Stephen Colbert asked tonight's Late Show guest, Sen. Bernie Sanders what he would like to ask upcoming show guest Hillary Clinton, given the "pony" gag... [Read More]
He said that the "I love it" email was just him being polite... [Read More]
'We need her help to go forward,' the Vermont senator told Stephen Colbert. [Read More]
Sen.Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) mocked Hillary Clinton Thursday night on MSNBC after being questioned about an passage from Clinton's Book, What Happened. [Read More]
(Mediaite) In her new book What Happened, Hillary Clinton went after NBC's Matt Lauer for his "Commander in Chief Forum" he held during the election.... [Read More]
Clinton went on to say that Putin was 'perennially misunderstood and underestimated.'... [Read More]
Hillary Clinton has been tentatively returning to the public eye, mostly in an attempt to promote her new book, and she'll be making her first... [Read More]
The senator was a guest on Thursday's 'Late Show,' where Stephen Colbert sought advice on what he should ask Clinton when she appears. [Read More]
Sen. Bernie SandersBernard (Bernie) SandersHillary Clinton to sit down with CBS's Jane Pauley on Sunday Dem lawmaker on Clinton criticizing Sanders in new book: 'Don't... [Read More]
President Donald Trump's eldest son cast his meeting with a Russian lawyer last year as simply an opportunity to learn about Hillary Clinton's "fitness, character... [Read More]
While appearing on MSNBC, Bernie Sanders responded to a passage in Hillary Clinton's new book attacking him for unrealistically promoting progressive policies. [Read More]
Rachel Maddow shares exclusive audio from Hillary Clinton's new book, "What Happened," in which she talks about her impressions of Vladimir Putin. Clinton will appear... [Read More]
The FBI has denied lawyer Ty Clevenger's request to obtain documents related to Hillary Clinton's email probe in late August. The bureau said in rejecting... [Read More]
Mrs. Clinton will talk about her failed bid for the White House and more in her first late-night TV appearance since the 2016 election. [Read More]