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It was a "Sister Act" in Central Park. A group of nuns from Colombia were spotted serenading park goers in Manhattan on a sunny Tuesday... [Read More]
We are carrying the press conference live here via Facebook. [Read More]
St. Olympia Orthodox Church will hold a Vespers of Love service on Sunday, April 28, at 2 p.m. followed by a dinner of ethnic foods... [Read More]
★★★★☆If Christmas means carols, Easter means Bach in the classical music world. Even if I would never be without the two Passions, and they did... [Read More]
Rubble from demolished buildings cover a temple in Varanasi, India, on Nov. 24, 2018. (AP Photo/Rajesh Kumar Singh)    ... [Read More]
Avianca Brasil is canceling 1,045 domestic flights this week because it has to return 18 aircraft to leasing agencies. Brazil's National Aviation Agency says the... [Read More]
Avianca Brasil canceled more than 1,045 domestic flights this week because it has to return 18 aircraft to leasing agencies. Brazil's National Aviation Agency... [Read More]
The celebration of Holy Week in this colonial town southwest of Mexico City is one of the most dramatic and shocking in the country. [Read More]
A total of 15 homicides were registered within 24 hours in Ciudad Juarez on Thursday and Friday during Holy Week. [Read More]
Today is one of the most important holidays on the Christian calendar. In fact, in some denominations it is the single most important event in... [Read More]
A wedding in North Korea, Easter attacks in Sri Lanka, and Holy Week in Venezuela and Jerusalem. [Read More]
At St. Andrews Lutheran Church in Park Ridge, members volunteer to bring personal representations of Biblical times to the community. Following in the footsteps... [Read More]
It is so awful, the fire that destroyed huge parts of the inspiring, beautiful, historically significant and spiritually riveting 850-year-old Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.... [Read More]
"When Pilate can find no guilt, the crowds are influenced by temple agents to demand his crucifixion..." [Read More]
The feast of Easter celebrates Jesus' resurrection from the dead after dying for our sins, but a couple of American A-listers appear to have put... [Read More]
If you had the chance to attend Holy Week services in person or via television — and I hope you did — you probably noticed... [Read More]
Yesterday marked a homecoming for many people when they put on nice suits and spring dresses and headed to church to celebrate Easter. Holy Week,... [Read More]
Many people across the world celebrated Easter on Sunday April 21, and people in Mount Hope celebrated as the sun came up. Missionary Baptist... [Read More]
Christians around the world gathered on Sunday to mark the end of Holy Week and celebrate Easter. Festivities took on many forms. While some... [Read More]