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Monday, March 20, 2017 at 07:00 PM
Homeland Security officials on Monday unveiled a list of law enforcement agencies that refused to detain immigrants arrested for crimes in the United States so... [Read More]
Homeland Security isn't saying what the reason for the impending ban is, but that a change to the rules have been considered for several weeks. [Read More]
Federal agents have charged a Middletown-area man with conspiring to distribute a variation of the narcotic drug fentanyl through the mail. On Monday, the... [Read More]
Listen to the Audio JUDY WOODRUFF: In the day's other news: There's word that U.S. authorities will ban many electronic devices on certain incoming foreign... [Read More]
The U.S. government is temporarily barring passengers on certain nonstop U.S.-bound flights from eight Middle Eastern and North African countries from bringing laptops, iPads, cameras... [Read More]
Federal authorities plan to ban laptops, tablets and other electronic devices from the cabins of certain international flights to the United States, according to Reuters.... [Read More]
Federal authorities plan to ban laptops, tablets and other electronic devices from the cabins of certain international flights to the United States, multiple news outlets... [Read More]
A new weekly federal report mandated by President Donald Trump lists the Chelan County Regional Justice Center among 47 state and local jails that refuse... [Read More]
Do you know what to do if a tornado is coming your way? The Indiana Department of Homeland Security says Indiana has endured 32 tornados... [Read More]
The Trump administration is putting the spotlight on Travis County, Texas, home of liberal Austin. [Read More]
Law enforcement agencies refused to honor a total of 206 detainers issued by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement branch of Homeland Security from Jan. 28... [Read More]
Via Erick Erickson at The Resurgent, Homeland Security put an electronics ban into effect for all flights from the Middle East. Suddenly and with little... [Read More]
The Holland Youth Advisory Council will present a class on human trafficking and cybersecurity at 6:30 p.m. March 21 at the Herrick District Library, 300... [Read More]
In a move to put public pressure on "sanctuary cities," the Department of Homeland Security on Monday published a list of 118 localities -- including... [Read More]
A new report from the Department of Homeland Security shows Travis County declined more than 140 ICE detainer requests in a one-week period.        ... [Read More]
The US Department of Homeland Security is rolling out a ban on carrying electronics into passenger cabins on some flights to and from the US,…... [Read More]
 The Department of Homeland Security today issued the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Declined Detainer Outcome Report required by President Donald J. Trump's Executive... [Read More]
A recently expelled student at the University of Evansville has been arrested after allegedly threatening to kill people at his apartment complex near campus. Evansville... [Read More]
The Trump administration is naming some names in its efforts to shame local jails that don't cooperate with immigration authorities. It's putting the spotlight on... [Read More]
A measure aimed at preventing price gouging for prescription drugs and a bill to stop authorities from detaining or arresting immigrants simply on suspicion they... [Read More]