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A look at how local state legislators voted during the past week. Liquor House Bill 1075 would privatize wine and liquor sales in Pennsylvania. The... [Read More]
West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey applauded the passage of House Bill 2195, which will require county boards of education to implement opioid awareness and... [Read More]
If there ever were a bill that should have sailed through a conservative legislature, it was North Carolina's House Bill 500. [Read More]
House bill seeks to make litter education a school subject... [Read More]
Area lawmakers and school officials agree that the compromise legislation signed by Gov. Roy Cooper last week on school funding and class size mandates —... [Read More]
Reagan's bad behaviorI attended a hearing on April 25 regarding amendments to House Bill 356 addressing proposed changes to the structure and organization of the... [Read More]
Schools officials got what they wanted this week when House Bill 13 passed the state... [Read More]
A compromise on House Bill 13 was reached, which will give administrators more flexibility in designing budgets for the state's school system. [Read More]
The SC Senate's roads bill includes the most important of three needed reforms at the Transportation Department, steals less money from the general fund than... [Read More]
The Legislature has an opportunity before it to support both a clean environment and a good economy in our state. House Bill 1048 and Senate... [Read More]
The House Health Care Committee on Friday narrowly approved a bill that would make a ­series of aggressive reforms to ­Oregon's 16 coordinated care organizations,... [Read More]
An ambitious proposal to curb public ­employee health plan costs drew opposition from their labor unions, insurance companies and doctors at an ­initial hearing Friday.... [Read More]
House Bill 2711 is the work of a pair of lawmakers who must believe the sky is falling. How else to account for a bill... [Read More]
House Bill 2711 is the work of a pair of lawmakers who must believe the sky is falling. How else to account for a bill... [Read More]
I write in support of House Bill 21, which would "require driver instruction on law enforcement procedures during traffic stops." [Read More]
The term "bathroom bill" has taken focus off just what exactly has transpired in the General assembly over the past year. While House Bill 2... [Read More]
The proposed House Bill 17-1321, Colorado Parks & Wildlife financial sustainability bill is a near complete unnecessary overhaul of existing law. [Read More]
Governor Holcomb signs legislation designed to protect religious expression in Hoosier schools. [Read More]
A county election official said the two voters only recently became eligible to vote on the Municipal Utility District 145 proposition, with one of them... [Read More]
A state House bill that could wrest control of Gainesville's utility from the city commission and give it to a separate authority passed the House... [Read More]