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Legislation to reduce benefits for Ohio's largest public retirement system has run into fierce opposition from retirees, and even the state representative sponsoring the bill says he's... [Read More]
The Permian Basin Underground Water Conservation District (PBUWCD) is proud to be sponsoring a scholarship essay contest for graduating seniors who are planning to attend... [Read More]
A bill that increases punitive measures for drug dealing that results in death passed an Indiana Senate committee by a wide margin this week. House... [Read More]
Gov. Tom Wolf this week signed House Bill 1175 into law - now Act 2 of 2018 - renewing his commitment to change the culture... [Read More]
On Feb. 8, the Oregon Legislature took another important step in guaranteeing equity and inclusion of every citizen's right to vote by introducing House Bill... [Read More]
Republicans, the so-called party of small government, is using the power of the state to take over community schools in Indiana. House Bill 1315, which... [Read More]
Idaho Gov. Butch Otter has all but given up on hiring a CEO to streamline Idaho's college system. House bill allows scholarships for private schools. [Read More]
SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (News4Utah) A house bill advanced to the senate Friday that would require doctors to notify women if a mammogram discovers dense... [Read More]
A new bill in the Utah State Legislature seeks to end capital punishment in Utah. House Bill 379, sponsored by Rep. Gage Froerer, R-Huntsville, would... [Read More]
A bill designed to expand gun control laws against people convicted of domestic violence passed in the Oregon House on Thursday. House Bill 4145 is... [Read More]
Superintendents of rural school districts hope an education funding bill killed by the state Legislature this month makes a return appearance.The proposed bill, House Bill... [Read More]
House Bill 703 passed unanimously in the public safety committee. It goes onto the the full House next. [Read More]
House Bill 1130, a chance to help with the teacher shortage problem in Colorado, is headed to the Senate. [Read More]
With Oklahoma teacher walkouts in the news today, it is appropriate to look back at a similar effort more than a quarter-century ago. [Read More]
State university and community college students would be allowed to carry pepper spray, stun guns and other "non-lethal" weapons under a bill approved by the... [Read More]
In 1990, it took a four-day, statewide teachers' strike to force House Bill 1017 through the Legislature and then a vote of the people to... [Read More]
The Senate's failure to pass immigration legislation this week has alarmed some centrist House Republicans who have been pushing their leaders for months to bring... [Read More]
House Bill 2172, given preliminary House approval Thursday, is designed to provide new options for self-defense. [Read More]
House Bill 1137 which would allow Hoosier farmers to market hemp and CBD oil. [Read More]
The battle over two pieces of legislation that aim to place more stringent protections on salmon habitat is heating up. Over the past couple of... [Read More]