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For those trying to keep track of where things stand with tax reform, here's the latest timeline. Last week, the House of Representatives  voted 227-205... [Read More]
There are differences between the House and Senate tax reform bills, but there remains a great deal of common ground as Republicans focus on how... [Read More]
By Andy Metzger State House News Service BOSTON -- The families of murder victims would no longer be disqualified... [Read More]
Bill proposes a four-year phase-out of state funding for improved claims-taking services. State House, Senate and gubernatorial approval is still needed. [Read More]
'With the Democrats giving us no votes for tax cuts for purely political reasons — obstructionists — it will be up to the Republicans to... [Read More]
The Republican tax-overhaul effort is in for a marathon debate on the Senate floor at the end of this month, with dozens of doomed Democratic... [Read More]
This past week, the Senate voted for a bill that would make a salamander called the eastern hellbender the official state amphibian. [Read More]
House Republicans passed the tax bill yesterday with a 227 to 205 vote, largely on party lines, with no Democrats supporting the bill. The legislation... [Read More]
Dear Senator McConnell: The White House, Senate, and House are all in Republican control, in part, because of significant help from the Second Amendment community.... [Read More]
The House passed a nearly $1.5 trillion tax bill that differs from legislation approved by the Senate Finance Committee. A comparison of the Republican-written measures:... [Read More]
The House passed a nearly $1.5 trillion tax bill that differs from legislation approved by the Senat... [Read More]
• Personal income tax rates: House bill condenses current seven brackets to four: 12, 25, 35 and 39.6 percent. Senate measure retains seven brackets but... [Read More]
House, Senate bills go after seat licenses and top coach salaries. [Read More]
White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said that Sen. Al Franken should be investigated for allegations of inappropriate behavior. [Read More]
The House passed a nearly $1.5 trillion tax bill that differs from legislation making its way through the Senate. [Read More]
During Thursday's press briefing, Sanders said the Trump administration would support an investigation into the allegations. [Read More]
In the past month two lawmakers and one high-ranking staffer have resigned under the guise of "inappropriate conduct." But that phrase can be attributed to... [Read More]
There's another salamander vying to become Pennsylvania's official amphibian.... [Read More]
Former House of Representatives speaker Newt Gingrich wrote Thursday the House of Representatives and the Senate versions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act share... [Read More]
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt will head to Capitol Hill next month to testify at a hearing on the agency's agenda.The hearing announced Wednesday by... [Read More]