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The Flu is now widespread across the country and it's a strain that's hitting children and the elderly especially hard. Erika Edwards reports on... [Read More]
Teen cell phone addiction How bad has it gotten? National News One out of two teenagers feels addicted to their phone, according to a recent... [Read More]
The Atlanta-based home improvement retailer is one of the inadvertent beneficiaries after catastrophes. [Read More]
One out of two teenagers feels "addicted" to their phone, according to a recent study. Statistics like this may have fueled two major Apple investors... [Read More]
This winter's flu outbreak is turning out to be a bad one, with the number of people coming down with symptoms on course to reach... [Read More]
CDC officials say it's still too soon to know just how bad this flu season will end up being, but they believe it could reach... [Read More]
Visit New Jersey to hear from those that will lose out if Florida is the only state pulled from offshore drilling plans, a senator told... [Read More]
Has a cliff-side road or a unusual street design ever made you drive more cautiously? There's a lesson in how discomfort can make us better... [Read More]
How bad is flu this year? In the past two weeks cases have shot up and the virus is clearly spreading faster than last year.... [Read More]
A new computer model has shown individual decisions can massively influence how bad global warming might get. Time to take the human factor seriously, says Adam... [Read More]
Today's teens are taking longer to engage in both the pleasures and the responsibilities of adulthood. [Read More]
At various locations around Hopkins County on Thursday afternoon, the topic of conversation was how bad the winter storm would be. [Read More]
How would you like to know just how bad the next flood in your neighborhood will be before it happens? A team of researchers at... [Read More]
After having lived in New Delhi for six years, I remember the day in April 2015, when I finally realized that India's air pollution crisis... [Read More]
We all know just how bad Hurricane Harvey devastated our city and surrounding areas. So does Houston Rockets guard Gerald Green. [Read More]
ET caught up with the 37-year-old actress and her co-star, Ted Danson, to find out just how bad they are in real life. [Read More]
South Korea could soon be cut out of the digital asset trade. Here's all you need to know about bitcoin Thursday, Jan. 11....MGI... [Read More]