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Thursday, October 12, 2017 at 07:26 AM
Últimas noticias sobre la crisis política en España ante la iniciativa independentista en Cataluña. Todas las horas son locales. ___ 10:30 ... [Read More]
A rights advocacy group reports "growing evidence" of abuses in police custody in Turkey against people accused of links to terror groups or to last... [Read More]
Khumari Barakzai is a strong believer in human rights for all people, no matter their gender or ethnicity.Her stance is steeped in the reality of... [Read More]
• Who could have imagined that professional football players would be leading the way with a profound free speech statement about racial justice and human... [Read More]
China has lodged a diplomatic protest with Britain after London demanded to know why a British human rights activist was barred from entering Hong Kong,... [Read More]
Human Rights Watch claimed Thursday there was growing evidence of detention abuses in Turkey after last year's failed coup, warning that torture in police custody... [Read More]
Opening Segment and Panel I - Human rights of all migrants... [Read More]
Burmese civilians were shot in the back by troops as they fled their burning villages, according to the United Nations.A report by the UN Human... [Read More]
A petition to have the Fairmont City Council reconsider the recently passed human rights commission ordinance has successfully obtained the required amount of signatures. [Read More]
In her recent column for The Daily Mississippian, Ms. Jaz Brisack panned Mississippi's HB 1523 as "a violation of human rights and dignity" that will expose to... [Read More]
A report by the U.N. human rights office says attacks against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar point to a... [Read More]
FILE PHOTO: Supporters form the words "China! Free Li" during a protest to urge for the release of Taiwan human rights advocate Lee Ming-che, also... [Read More]
The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has described the government operations as "a textbook example of ethnic cleansing." [Read More]
The UN human rights office said Myanmar security forces had brutally driven out half a million Rohingya from northern Rakhine state to Bangladesh... [Read More]
After his two terms representing Minnesota in the Senate from late 1978 to early 1991, Rudy Boschwitz served as the first President Bush's Emissary to... [Read More]
As President Donald Trump prepares to announce whether he'll certify Iran's compliance with the deal to curb its nuclear program, U.S. and European negotiators at... [Read More]
As the World Bank's member countries convene in Washington this week, the institution's stance on the humanitarian crisis in Myanmar deserves their attention. In its... [Read More]
Join the Latino Student Association and the Adelphi Chapter of UN-USA as we discuss refugee rights for the United Nations initiative "UN Stand Up 4... [Read More]
Last month Fairmont City Council passed an ordinance to reinstate the Human Rights Commission and add gender identity and sexual orientation to the list of... [Read More]
A report by the U.N. human rights office says attacks against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar point to a strategy to instill widespread fear and trauma... [Read More]