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In Bridgeville, Maine, residents find their humanity put to the test when their small town is overwhelmed by a mysterious mist containing unusual and frightening... [Read More]
"God speaks in silence, but we must know how to listen. This is why monasteries are oases in which God speaks to humanity." —Pope B... [Read More]
"The year 2017 marks the 25th anniversary of the publication of one of Francis Fukuyama's most famous works, The End of History and the Last... [Read More]
Sez she: In December of 1990, Pope John Paul II issued these words of prophetic power in Redemptoris Missio: God is opening before the Church... [Read More]
Leonice Garcia, right, speaks as son Isaiah, center, 10, looks on and son Elijah, 1, plays with the railing during the Habitat for Humanity... [Read More]
Laura Harrier has signed on for a key role opposite Michael B. Jordan in Fahrenheit 451, HBO Films' adaptation of Ray Bradbury's iconic dystopian novel. Fahrenheit... [Read More]
The thesis of Yuval Noah Harari's new book is that the alliance of science and humanism is breaking down. [Read More]
Winona's YMCA announced Monday it has a new partner in Habitat for Humanity in Winona and Fillmore County. [Read More]
A Lebanon family of three received keys to their home Sunday during the dedication ceremony for Habitat for Humanity's 71st home in Wilson County. [Read More]
The non-profit organization provides qualified families with an affordable home. [Read More]
As humanity expands to become a multi-planetary species, some important questions must be considered: Can we bring cats? What about dogs? Also, can we make... [Read More]
'Part 8' of 'Twin Peaks' may strike some people as a non sequitur, but its experiment with form and genre seems to provide a disturbing... [Read More]
For photographer Laura Wilson, the vitality of her work is in showcasing humanity through a combination of wonder, presence and plight. [Read More]
The federal and Manitoba governments have provided $1.2 million to help Habitat for Humanity's Manitoba chapter erect 25 homes in a flash for families in... [Read More]
Casey is at Habitat for Humanity talking to Miguel Sanchez about the wonderful things that they do for the community. [Read More]
A sizable grant to Habitat for Humanity will help several families in the years to come. [Read More]
Eid celebrations underway in Kashmir, clashes reported ... [Read More]
There are a lot of reasons to be skeptical... [Read More]
Inner City Christian Federation plans to work with other affordable housing advocates such as LINC, Amplify GR, Habitat for Humanity, the Kent County Land Bank,... [Read More]