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As counties recount ballots in three statewide races and lawyers battle over the complex vote tallying in court, the top elections official in Bay County... [Read More]
ABC FOX Montana provides local news, breaking news, weather, sports and information for Western and South Central Montana. Tune in to the ABC News at... [Read More]
Let's cut to the chase. We're in for a cold and snowy winter. But how much snow? And how low will the temperatures go? I... [Read More]
One county revealed that it had allowed some hurricane-displaced voters to cast their ballots by email — a violation of state law. [Read More]
After announcing their arrival this summer, Bridgewater Wines is now open in Leland.Owners Doug and Susan Zucker said after several months and hurricane delays, the... [Read More]
Hurricane-force wind gusts were recorded around San Diego County Monday. [Read More]
Two days ago "Patty" looked likely in the Atlantic. This morning the chances are less likely. What happened? [Read More]
One county revealed it allowed some hurricane-displaced voters to cast their ballots by email — a violation of state law... [Read More]
After my initial shock at reading retired Colonel Peggy Bailey's guest column stating that it was time to close Tyndall Air Force Base after the... [Read More]
More homeowners in Southwest Florida are doing better at paying their mortgages.The number of homeowners in the Sarasota-Manatee region who are at least 30 days... [Read More]
Flooding is a never-ending problem in Corpus Christi and Nueces County. This is an issue that the city and county have tried to join forces... [Read More]
Registration is still open for the Thanksgiving Day 5K in Minocqua. [Read More]
The woods around Bristol are still a mess after Michael. The closer you get to the Big River in Liberty County, the worse it gets. [Read More]
Jordan McCool was live at Haney Technical Center as more of their programs restart after being closed from Hurricane Michael. [Read More]
Florida's election recount of its Senate and governor's races is chugging along as more irregularities are uncovered. Bay County revealed Monday that it had... [Read More]
Georgia lawmakers will be asked during a special session to approve a $270 million package to help cleanup efforts following Hurricane Michael. [Read More]
Response to the utter devastation of Greensburg last year has modeled an entirely new national system of federal response to disasters such as hurricane Ike,... [Read More]
Days after Hurricane Florence rammed into the North Carolina coast, President Donald Trump was on his way to comfort those who lost homes or loved... [Read More]
Space storm is believed to be caused by the remnants of a dwarf galaxy which was eaten by the Milky Way a long, long time... [Read More]