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The mysterious metal object embedded in sand underwater at East Beach got a reprieve in mid-August, but another attempt to remove it will begin at... [Read More]
The remnants of Hurricane Gert combined with another area of low pressure to bring heavy rain and flooding to parts of the United Kingdom. [Read More]
The mini-heatwave predicted in this week's weather forecast - where temperatures may reach their highest levels since the start of this month - is still... [Read More]
Tropical air from the remnants of Hurricane Gert sweeping through the UK have brought temperatures up again, but the Bank Holiday will soon see a... [Read More]
The native American bird is thought to have been blown across the Atlantic by Hurricane Gert while migrating to South America. [Read More]
The American Yellow Warbler is thought to have been blown across the Atlantic by Hurricane Gert. [Read More]
Parts of Britain are set to see a glimpse of summer again this week as temperatures reach their highest since mid-July. [Read More]
Ah, summer. You are but a distant memory. That is until tomorrow when Hurricane Gert is going to give us a nice break from the... [Read More]
Maximising grazing in hurricane-like weather conditions ... [Read More]
Well, Mother Nature sure showed us last week that the best-laid vacation plans are really at her mercy, didn't she? We had some seriously crazy... [Read More]
The Caribbean weather front will see temperatures soar to 27C in the south tomorrow - the hottest so far this August... [Read More]
SUMMER has bounced back in Britain with Hurricane Gert forecast to send temperatures soaring to 29C over the next 48 hours. [Read More]
September is set to be 'very warm' according to the Met office... [Read More]
remember that? - is making a scorching return this week. Britain will bask in temperatures of up to 28°C on Tuesday which will send the... [Read More]
After town beaches were closed to swimming on Wednesday, Beach Committee members discussed an important topic - how to keep the three town beaches even... [Read More]
Hurricane Gert is upon us, but instead of being blasted by 100mph winds and storms, Britain is set for its warmest day of the month.... [Read More]
Monday expected to be the hottest day of the month... [Read More]