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When Dana Kaleta saw the devastation that Hurricane Maria wrought on Puerto Rico, she couldn't stand by. So she began organizing relief trips, with two... [Read More]
Puerto Rico is still beset by damaged infrastructure and waterlogged real estate nearly a year after Hurricane Maria. But its hotel market is emerging as... [Read More]
Team's small coastal city was smashed by Hurricane Maria in September. [Read More]
One of Puerto Rico's most famous landmarks is back open to visitors after Hurricane Maria last September. From our San Juan bureau, Gaby Acevedo, the... [Read More]
It's been less than a year since Hurricane Maria ripped through Puerto Rico, leaving parts of the island destroyed. The Radames Lopez Little League is... [Read More]
Monday marked 11 months since Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico. [Read More]
Having overcome hardship, children say they're just glad to play again... [Read More]
After bad things happen, Enrique Carrasquillo Melendec has been on the move and good things seem to follow.Carrasquillo, 16, was born in the aftermath of... [Read More]
Nearly a year after Hurricane Maria, some residents are hoping to highlight stories of recovery in addition to the devastation inflicted by the storm. [Read More]
Influx of Hurricane Maria refugees reveals inconsistencies in voting resources, according to new lawsuit... [Read More]
ABC FOX Montana provides local news, breaking news, weather, sports and information for Western and South Central Montana. Tune in to the ABC News at... [Read More]
Two messages, scrawled in chalk on the same street 11 months apart.One desperate. One hopeful.... [Read More]
A single photo became the iconic image that represented the pain and struggle of a community, after hurricane Maria struck. 11 months later it has... [Read More]
Online video gamer Nicole Lorenzo Cortez, who competes in a virtual world where a deadly storm rages around her, says she smuggled cocaine to New... [Read More]
St. Luke's Lutheran Church, 449 N. Ninth St., hosts the event for those who fled Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. [Read More]
On September 20, exactly nine months ago, Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico—devastating nearly every industry on the island. We don't often hear about the storm's... [Read More]
School privatization advocates have used the devastation of Hurricane Maria to  close hundreds of public schools  in Puerto Rico while  pushing vouchers and ... [Read More]
When powerful Hurricane Maria swept across Puerto Rico on Sept. 20, 2017, it was a tough situation for Puerto Rican native Monica Puig to deal... [Read More]
Hurricane Maria last September wrecked its home field and destroyed the homes of a coach and player. [Read More]
As the anniversary of Hurricane Maria approaches, marking a full year in which the Trump Administration did anywhere from Nothing to Not Damn Much to... [Read More]