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Florida park officials are still dealing with the damage caused by Hurricane Michael. [Read More]
SIGMA FORCEBestselling thriller author James Rollins introduces "Crucible," his 14th Sigma Force novel, at 7 p.m. Saturday at The BookMark, 220 First St., Neptune Beach.... [Read More]
Tyndall already sustained significant damage due to Hurricane Michael. Back in October, we learned about 99 percent of base housing and other facilities sustained some... [Read More]
Hurricane Michael is changing many annual events, including the Martin Luther King Jr. march. This year, the Advisory Committee for Urban Revitalization Equity, also known... [Read More]
Many businesses in Panama City were damaged during Hurricane Michael and now they've moved to Panama City Beach temporarily. [Read More]
Since Hurricane Michael, those looking for contractors have had to deal with a lot of people looking to take advantage of the situation. [Read More]
Panama City Beach Code Enfocement is cracking down on broken fences three months after Hurricane Michael. [Read More]
DONALSONVILLE, Ga. (WDHN) —Hurricane Michael has changed the lives of many and while the October storm may seem long ago for some, but for Donalsonville,... [Read More]
Happy Florida Arbor day. Hurricane Michael took down so many of our trees but new ones can always be planted. On Friday, more than 1,000... [Read More]
Help has come near and far following Hurricane Michael. [Read More]
A family of nine is trying to make the best of their homeless situation since losing everything after Hurricane Michael struck last October. [Read More]
It's been more than three months since Hurricane Michael and while many communities in the Wiregrass have picked up all the debris, some are still... [Read More]
Researchers continued to clean an archaeological site at Wakulla Spring State Park that was left damaged by Hurricane Michael. [Read More]
Hurricane Michael tore down many homeowners' fences when it blew through the Panhandle, but now, Code Enforcement in Panama City Beach is taking action to... [Read More]
Kerri Rowland graduated from Bay High in 1995 before moving to Nashville. After seeing the destruction from Hurricane Michael in the place she grew up,... [Read More]
Progress is not only afoot, it is visible. In addition to the broader, more-visible efforts, the local efforts of individuals, the "One Street at a... [Read More]
It takes nearly a decade for new pecan trees to fully mature, meaning that Hurricane Michael not only ruined this year's crop, but also the... [Read More]
The big Broadway stars will bring in funds for an education charity, helping children in Bay County, Florida continue to learn while their community rebuilds. [Read More]
Florida's unemployment rate held steady at 3.3 percent as 2018 ended, while Hurricane Michael's impact continued to be felt in parts of the Panhandle. [Read More]
Money voters designated for land and water projects would help the recovery effort from Hurricane Michael, under a bill proposed Friday. [Read More]