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I'm voting the way I am because of the people I have known. [Read More]
Why I'm voting ves for Measure 101:... [Read More]
I'm voting "yes" on Measure 101 because I want more Oregonians to have health insurance. Measure 101 will also bring millions of federal tax dollars... [Read More]
I read fellow Salt Lake Tribune columnist Robert Gehrke's column of political predictions for 2018. Robert, a self-effacing and diligent journalist, gives himself a 75... [Read More]
I'm voting "no" on Measure 101. Oregon's new tax on health insurance premiums are really hurting people with fixed incomes. [Read More]
As I come home from college this winter break I am incredibly grateful to be surrounded by family that is in good health. Their health... [Read More]
Uh oh..12/14/2017 18:50:57PM EST. [Read More]