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I'm voting "no" on Question 1. Here's why.I will be voting no on Ballot Question 1 this November. While the goals of the ballot initiative... [Read More]
Why I'm voting "yes" on Question 1I believe that Ellen Story's letter on Monday, Oct. 8 unwittingly demonstrated why most staff nurses are voting "yes"... [Read More]
Bill Gates backs Initiative 1631, the Washington ballot measure that would impose a first-in-the-nation fee on carbon pollution, taxing greenhouse gas emissions to promote clean... [Read More]
The entrepreneurs who started Pincause are challenging the "I Voted" sticker, one of America's most popular voting traditions. [Read More]
"My point is: There can be a way of voting for him without saying, 'I'm voting for a sexual assaulter,'" Kelly says... [Read More]
I'm voting "yes" on Question 3. Here's why:On Nov. 6, we will vote on Question 3, which will uphold or reject a bill passed by... [Read More]
I love animals, which is why I'm voting yes on Proposition 12 this Election Day. The ballot measure will phase out the restrictive cages and... [Read More]
Arizona Public Service has spent $11 million trying to defeat Proposition 127. I'm voting no anyway. [Read More]
California and San Luis Obispo County voters have decisions to make in the Nov. 2018 election on Measure G, an oil drilling and fracking ban,... [Read More]
I'm voting for U.S. Sen. Jon Tester to remain Montana's senator because: 1. he has been a strong advocate for Montana and has a solid... [Read More]
Why I'm voting 'no' on Question 1The arguments for and against Question 1 on the ballot, the nursing question, are confusing. Is this a clear labor... [Read More]
I walk past the sign that says "Handicapped Access In Back" and climb the steps to Jefferson Elementary. On the door a sign reminds visitors... [Read More]
I'm voting for Marie Kovecsi as 2nd District County Commissioner and I hope you will too. Why? [Read More]
Let me explain why I'm voting to pass 5A and 5B, the request for a mill levy override and bond for Thompson schools. [Read More]
Here is why I'm voting Yes on Measure M to invest in Parks for All. Since I  moved to Sonoma Valley 30 years ago, I've... [Read More]
Sasse is a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee who initially praised Kavanaugh's nomination, before allegations of sexual assault against the judge. Kavanaugh strongly denies... [Read More]
I'm voting in November because I have to. Sitting this election out means leaving my future in the hands of those who won't even be... [Read More]
Democrat Heidi Heitkamp says she will vote 'No' on Brett Kavanaugh's nomination. [Read More]
I'm a Republican and I'm voting for Kathy Michael who has been a very efficient county clerk. I'm glad to see there is a Democrats... [Read More]
U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp will vote NO on U.S. Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination. SEN. HEIDI HEITKAMP (D-ND): The process... [Read More]