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The Ancestral Puebloans were the forefathers and foremothers of modern Pueblo nations. [Read More]
The Native American Community Services' "All Our Relations" Project and the Outdoor Adventure Club hosted a screening of a new documentary, "The Eagle and the... [Read More]
In 2014, the Grand Rapids City Council unanimously passed a resolution to recognize the second Monday in October as Indigenous People's Day (IPD). On Monday,... [Read More]
While Columbus Day remains a federal holiday, a number of cities and communities recognized Monday as Indigenous People's Day. That included... [Read More]
"Honoring Indigenous People's Day - and giving Columbus the boot - is right call for Tacoma," (Matt Driscoll column, 10/1). [Read More]
Molly Tovar (right), director of the Kathryn M. Buder Center for American Indian Studies and a professor of practice at the Brown School, and Saundi... [Read More]
While the city is poised to celebrate one of the region's largest Columbus Day celebrations on Friday, other organizations have adopted a different perspective on... [Read More]
Ryedale Largo, 14, sings a Round Dance Songs in front of The Gallup Cultural Center for the Indigenous People's Day celebration Monday afternoon in Downtown... [Read More]
The installation of 11 Wisconsin sovereign tribal flags was celebrated Monday, Oct. 8, at Indigenous People's Day: Honoring Native Nations at University of Wisconsin-Stout. [Read More]
Oklahoma City has joined dozens of other municipalities around the U.S. in celebrating Indigenous People's Day. Hundreds gathered Monday in Oklahoma City to acknowledge Native... [Read More]
Small businesses in Vermont were hoping to cash in on added traffic this Columbus Day—or, as it was proclaimed by Gov. Phil Scott, Indigenous People's... [Read More]
Columbus Day, a federal holiday, symbolizes many things to the Native American community — slavery, cultural genocide, an undermining of the existence of indigenous people... [Read More]
The University of Alaska Fairbanks celebrated Indigenous Peoples Day on Monday to honor the many Native cultures of Alaska and recognize the long-term adverse effects... [Read More]
Monday was a first, not just for the first Americans, but for all Americans in Lawton. [Read More]
UCSB students and families celebrated Indigenous People's Day with a dinner at the community center in Isla Visit. [Read More]
Channel 2 multimedia journalist Shawn Wilson brings us the story of the second annual Indigenous People's Day celebration held at the Alaska Pacific University campus. [Read More]
Columbus Day is being replaced by Indigenous People's Day. [Read More]
Montana State University officials say a $12 million donation will be used to build a center on campus for Native American students. MSU President Waded... [Read More]
The city of Santa Fe is once again dropping the recognition of European explorer Christopher Columbus to celebrate Native Americans. [Read More]
An event for Indigenous People's Day held on the Washington University campus honors missing and murdered Native American women with songs, prayers and a moment... [Read More]
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