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Professors from around the world gathered at K-State to discuss the implications of research involving indigenous cultures in the United States. [Read More]
Student life columnist Patrick Linehan urges Syracuse University's administration to allocate more resources toward Native student inclusion in classrooms. [Read More]
As the battle continues between President Trump and Sen. Warren over her Native American ancestry, Indivisible Aurora's call to replace Columbus Day with an "Indigenous... [Read More]
Here's a bit of Detroit news I missed last week: Detroit now observes Indigenous Peoples' Day on the second Monday of October, instead of Columbus... [Read More]
Christopher Columbus: hero or villain? [Read More]
Summer Ainsworth '20 has this week's edition of 'Cuse Cast, with details on Indigenous Peoples' Day and Coming Out Month on campus. [Read More]
Jared Taylor of American Renaissance explains that replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day implies that whites should never have come to ... [Read More]
Goodbye, Amherst?How ironic and hypocritical that the town of Amherst has renamed Columbus Day as Indigenous Peoples Day. If the town and people who agree... [Read More]
In continued celebration of Indigenous Peoples Day, soulful images artfully captured by local indigenous youth can be viewed at various locations throughout the Front Range.... [Read More]
Twenty-seven years ago, Berkeley was the first city in the United States to formally celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day instead of the flawed holiday of Columbus... [Read More]
Iowa joined a small but growing number of government entities this week in observing Indigenous Peoples Day. [Read More]
A Deadly Wind is an engrossing account of the most powerful storm ever to hit the Pacific Northwest. The Columbus Day (Indigenous Peoples... [Read More]
Members on opposite sides of the Columbus Day debate both rallied in Downtown Syracuse on Oct. 8. A Columbus Day commemoration, organized by the Columbus... [Read More]
The Cleveland Indians' season ended Monday after a loss to the Houston Astros eliminated them from the American League Division Series, and with that came... [Read More]
Is it... [Read More]
HOW WAS YOUR Indigenous Peoples Day? [Read More]
Washington I was wandering through the newspapers this weekend trying to find a cheerful story or at least an optimistic story. It was pretty grim... [Read More]
Discussion of threats to the environment, indigenous land were among talking points of the night's festivities... [Read More]
Article: Goodbye Columbus Day, and Good Riddance - Critique of Columbus Day and call to replace it with Indigenous Peoples' Day... [Read More]
Ryedale Largo, 14, sings a Round Dance Songs in front of The Gallup Cultural Center for the Indigenous People's Day celebration Monday afternoon in Downtown... [Read More]